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Homemade Condiments: Confit Garlic Oil

Yotam Ottolenghi

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Learn how to make a confit garlic oil that’s perfect for drizzling.

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[00:00:00.00] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:00:06.45] - I'm going to make some confit garlic oil. This is going to wind up in my hummus, but it's just a wonderful thing to make in general, because you can have a little jar like I'm going to make now full of beautiful golden garlic cloves and olive oil with a couple of aromatics, thyme and chili. And that's just something you can have to spoon over brisket sandwiches. You can add it to white beans and make a wonderful garlic, white bean puree. It's really one of those things that could end up anywhere where you want that kind of slight garlicky favor. [00:00:42.42] And I just find it really, really, really seductive. It's beautiful, you can see the garlic cloves inside the oil. And it's one of the easiest thing as well to make, because all I'm doing is taking some olive oil, some peeled garlic cloves, a bit of thyme and one little green chili, and I'm going to cook it on medium low heat. And with the lid on, this is a fancy lid, and I can forget about it. 25 minutes on medium low heat and it should be ready. [00:01:22.08] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:01:27.54] This is 25 minutes. And you can see little bubbles coming out. You can smell the garlic, but you don't smell the harshness of the garlic, which is what this thing is all about. It's the sweetness of garlic instead of the harshness of it. And as you can see, probably tell they go all nice and golden. And I'm going to use it in salads. It also makes a really wonderful vegan mayonnaise. So it allows you to emulsify oil quite nicely. If you take these garlic cloves, it can go into meatballs for a little bit of sweetness. Really, anything that needs garlicky flavor that's slightly muted, slightly toned down, that's what you want it for. [00:02:07.81] So I'm just going to pour the oil into my jar carefully. And as soon as that's all in there, I'm going to spoon in the aromatics. And just carefully with the garlic. Really, you can use any aromatics here. If you want a different chili, use a different chili. If you like orange skin, you can add that, or lemon skin. I like adding sage, that's really nice here. [00:02:43.05] And even once you've finished the garlic cloves, this garlicky oil is something you really want to treasure. A deeply flavored oil is so handy in the kitchen. For anything really, you can cook a sauce in it, you can use it in a salad, it's everything, anything that you would want garlic flavor, use that oil for, and will keep forever. And I don't know if you can see how beautiful those suspended garlic cloves are inside the jar. This goes on your shelf and you're really, you're ready to rock and roll. You can make hummus, you can make sandwiches, anything. [00:03:23.55] [MUSIC PLAYING]

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