Crypto for Entrepreneurs

Emilie Choi shares executive insight into how entrepreneurs can best interact amid the excitement of cryptocurrency. CZ and Chris Dixon dive into how blockchain could help solve some of the traditional challenges that entrepreneurs face.

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Topics include: New Opportunities for Builders • Maximizing Opportunities • Overcoming the Bootstrap Problem • Missionaries, Not Mercenaries • Have an Open Mind


- One of the most important things we do with the internet is-- we meaning entrepreneurs, investors, the general technology community-- is we build networks on top of the internet. - The internet allows this technology to be spread out all around the world very quickly. We're now building financial applications that have very new business models. - The crypto entrepreneurial ecosystem is different from any other tech ecosystem. So if you're really passionate about the space and you're really passionate about certain projects, the best way to actually dive in is to start investing in tokens of those projects. [MUSIC PLAYING] Crypto is already changing the venture landscape. We're seeing a lot of the best VC funds who are dedicating a Web3 fund effort just for their firms. The other thing that is going to be really interesting to watch with respect to venture capital as it pertains to crypto is that in some ways, crypto could make traditional venture capital obsolete. It could disrupt it. [MUSIC PLAYING] Founders in the Web3 ecosystem don't have to participate in the VC system as we know it traditionally. It used to sometimes be that you would look at a LinkedIn profile of someone, and the Stanford degree or the level of connections that that person had were going to be a primary indicator of success. So much is different in the Web3 world. You have these incredible young innovators and entrepreneurs. You look at their GitHub code repositories to look at the quality of their code. They might contribute incredible blogs or tweets about what they're building or their ideas on the space. They are global. They might not be in Silicon Valley. They might be anonymous. They might want to have an anonymous identity. They can build their project for a very low cost, often. You can imagine that there could be a founder in Uzbekistan who is building something really compelling, learning about Web3 through Twitter, Discord and other channels, and they wouldn't have the connections to the traditional Silicon Valley VCs. Well, they can build their project. They can get the word out about the project. It's almost like gone are the days of going around Sand Hill Road, pitching investors, and hoping that one of your connections can help unlock some VC money. [MUSIC PLAYING] - In the best case, this is a fantastic technology for entrepreneurs, and not just entrepreneurs now. We are working with football teams, fan tokens. Football teams are established businesses. They're stable, established businesses that's been there for many years. And then they can use this technology to increase fan engagement. So all of these things are available now. That actually makes the projects more competitive, more successful. And everyone's focused on building the product. So now entrepreneurs in countries where VC industries are not that prominent-- we see it's very strong in the US. So if you're a US citizen, ...

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Since Bitcoin’s launch in 2009, crypto has offered the hope of a stronger, more democratic financial system. And it’s raised plenty of questions as it continues to evolve. Now experts and skeptics at the center of the conversation are sharing a straightforward look at how this ecosystem is changing. Learn the basics, dive deep into the world of blockchain and Web3, and get the breakdown on what you need to know now.

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Chris Dixon, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, Emilie Choi, and Paul Krugman

Get critical intel on the evolving landscape of crypto. Learn the basics—or dive deep into the issues—with noted experts and skeptics.

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