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With instructors at the front end of crypto and economics, this class reveals the inner workings of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Meet your new board of advisers: Emilie Choi, Chris Dixon, Paul Krugman, and Changpeng “CZ” Zhao.

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Topics include: Crypto and the Blockchain With Noted Experts • What Does Crypto Solve? • What Does Crypto Promise?


[INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC] WOMAN: Today, blockchain technology infiltrates and powers a myriad of institutions, functions, and assets. [FUTURISTIC MUSIC] MAN: Bitcoin protocol is decentralized not because it distributes power but because it checks power. WOMAN: 13 years ago, Bitcoin was introduced to the world as a new form of digital money that people could exchange online without going through a bank. - It is about trillions of dollars of assets that did not exist before Satoshi wrote his white paper 13 years ago. MAN: What makes Web3 different is the ability to own the actual network. And that's what cryptoassets themselves represent, is an ownership stake in an underlying network. MAN: Because it's not owned or controlled by anyone, it truly belongs to the internet. It belongs to everyone. - The footing that this was on was really based on subsidizing these yields. The way that this was structured, it could face a death spiral. - We are South of $24,000. Just how long is winter going to last, and how cold is it going to get? WOMAN: The crypto sector is going through the history of money but in a compressed and accelerated fashion. And many people are saying, is this a Lehman moment? Are we looking at 2008? MAN: This is about as bad of an event as we could possibly imagine. MAN: It isn't a good look at all that crypto, which is a technology, is being so fundamentally drawn down by offshore or near-shore operators that are kind of loosely operating within the boundaries and the rules. - What problem does this solve? That's still the question I ask. MAN: Crypto is changing the way we think about currency. - Crypto is a very important, new technology but also very misunderstood. - Crypto is decentralized. - This technology allows more freedom for its users. - Crypto is all about ownership. - Crypto is disruptive. - Crypto is mostly technobabble. - Crypto is freedom. - Revolutionary. - Crypto is-- - Crypto is-- - Crypto-- - Crypto is-- - Crypto is the future. [FUTURISTIC MUSIC] CZ: I split my time between Dubai and Paris. France is the birthplace of democracy. So it's very fitting for them to adopt this new, democratic technology. And also, this industry is the exponential growth that the economies need. I got into crypto in 2013. And 2017, together with a few other guys, we started, which grew to be the world's largest exchange. I'm CZ. I'm The founder and CEO of Binance. [FUTURISTIC MUSIC] CHRIS DIXON: In the early 2000s, I started an internet security company. There was a lot of bad things happening in the internet, including things like spyware and phishing. After I sold my first company, got interested in new types of computing platforms and new kind of frontier technologies, AI, drones, biohacking, a whole bunch of other areas. And then that led me to...

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Since Bitcoin’s launch in 2009, crypto has offered the hope of a stronger, more democratic financial system. And it’s raised plenty of questions as it continues to evolve. Now experts and skeptics at the center of the conversation are sharing a straightforward look at how this ecosystem is changing. Learn the basics, dive deep into the world of blockchain and Web3, and get the breakdown on what you need to know now.

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Chris Dixon, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, Emilie Choi, and Paul Krugman

Get critical intel on the evolving landscape of crypto. Learn the basics—or dive deep into the issues—with noted experts and skeptics.

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