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Make It Happen

David Carson

Lesson time 04:36 min

In his closing lesson, David shares a simple yet powerful exercise to inspire you to think about your future, what you want to accomplish, and what you are doing to make that happen.

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- I think if I didn't take risks, if I played it safe, we wouldn't be here today. [MUSIC PLAYING] - So we've looked at, who are you? How is your life going? Where are you going to be in 10 years? Okay? And now, that would lead to this little closing exercise. So just at the top of your page, I'd like you to title this lifeline. And then, I'd like you to simply draw a line across the sheet leaving some room on each end. Now on this end, put an X. This will be your birth date. And then on this end, I'd like you to put how old you'll be and what year that would be when you die. Okay, now I'd like to come in with a third X. And that one will be today's date. But put it in perspective, where it should fall on that line. I'd like you to take a few moments here, and simply stare at this line. We're not used to seeing our life like this. But just stare at it quietly for a few seconds. What were some of your thoughts as you just looked at your lifeline? - How short I've lived. - How short you've lived, okay. How about you? - How bad I am at math. - How bad you are with math, okay. - Also, yeah, how short I've lived as well. - How short, okay. - Okay, this is jarring, yeah. I feel like I've already gone through a lot, and I was like, woah, there's a lot left as well. I don't know what it's going to be like, but you know. Exactly, a lot left. That's mostly it. - Okay. How about you? - Yeah, the same. I thought more of like, how much is left then? How young I am. - Okay. - Yeah. - And how old are we going to be? How old will you be when you die? - 90. - 90? - Yep. - I said 85. - I had 105. - Wow. - 80 something. - The purpose of this is to-- not to end on some negative note or anything-- but hopefully to realize the only thing we know for sure-- nothing is guaranteed-- the only thing we know for sure is this is gone. Okay? You're not getting that back. And we don't know exactly when this is coming, but it is coming. And when I taught sociology, there's a big study where they interviewed people on their deathbed really in nursing homes. Try to find out what in their life did they regret doing? And see if there were some patterns in things. And what they weren't expecting to find is that very few people regretted things they had done in their life. But almost unanimously they regretted the things they hadn't done. Was everything from, why didn't I take that job? Why didn't I move? Why didn't I ask her to dance? You know, what was I thinking? So if there's things you want to have accomplished by this point, what are you doing now to ensure they happen? If you're hoping they happen in here, well, good luck. But if there are some things when you get here you want to be able to say you did this and this and this, and you don't regret the things you didn't do. So it's a posit...

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From Ray Gun and Transworld Skateboarding magazines to surfboards and potato chip bags, David Carson changed the trajectory of graphic design by never following the rules or sticking to the grid. Now the pioneering designer is sharing his intuitive approach so you can send a message with boundary-breaking work. Explore typography, photography, logo design, and more as you learn how to make an impact and trust your gut.

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David Carson

Pioneering graphic designer David Carson teaches you his intuitive approach to creating work that breaks rules and makes an impact.

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