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Tap Into the Power of Color: Assignment 2

David Carson

Lesson time 12:58 min

In the second group session, David reviews the next assignment: introducing color into your work and creating a design that reflects how your week is going.

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Topics include: Tap Into the Power of Color: Assignment 2


[MUSIC PLAYING] - For the second assignment, let's see what happens if we add color. Color is a huge message sender and emotion sender. I want to get a sense of how things are going in your life right now using only color. No letters, no words, and just a little peek at the power of color in your design. Let's start here. And what do you think's going on in this person's life right now? It seems a bit chaotic. - Yeah, I agree. - I think so. There's a certain amount of organization here. It's not out of control chaotic. - There's opposites involved that are playing off each other with the colors and with the textures. - How do you think that would manifest? - Maybe some emotional highs and lows lately. - Okay, having some highs and lows lately. All right. What else? Is this person happy or sad right now? - It's kind of hard to tell. - Yeah, the color seems happy though. - Generally orange, and especially lighter blues are happy colors. They're festives. Why, what's keeping us from that? - Just sort of this rough energy. - And what's making you say rough energy? - Maybe the nature of the brush strokes. - Yeah, the scribble. - Doesn't seem like it was done delicately. It feels like it was done with a lot of energy. - And what about the way these things are cut out? - They seem ripped more than cut out. - Would this indicate to you maybe things are going smoothly or maybe not so smoothly? - Not so smoothly, because of the edges and how it's, like she said, ripped instead of cleanly cut. - It makes a big difference whether you cut something out or you put it on a grid or you tear it. It sends a very different message. Overall, how many would say they'd want this going on in your life right now? - I don't know about that. - Why not? - I think the lack of predictability. Like it makes it interesting, but it also is a little bit like nerve wracking. - Yeah. - Okay. So is this person like in a really bad place this week? - Not if they know what to do with that energy I think. - I don't think we can say, oh, having a horrible week, okay? I think if it was dark reds and dark blue and some other colors. Who's is this? - It's me. - How were those comments? - Really true. - Really true. - Yeah, yeah. I have been feeling both happy and sad and stressed. - Happy and sad, I think that comes through. - Yeah, and stressed and juggling. - Stress. - Many things, yeah. - Was anything completely wrong that you heard? - No. - Oh, so they're right on. So this is communicating a lot, and pretty accurately from our comments. So the only thing I could add to that, is that when you did go in with a, if this was a book cover about your life or a poster about a talk you're giving, with the right words and the type, this becomes very powerful. Oka...

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From Ray Gun and Transworld Skateboarding magazines to surfboards and potato chip bags, David Carson changed the trajectory of graphic design by never following the rules or sticking to the grid. Now the pioneering designer is sharing his intuitive approach so you can send a message with boundary-breaking work. Explore typography, photography, logo design, and more as you learn how to make an impact and trust your gut.

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