Marketing: The Art of Putting Yourself and Your Work Out There

Elaine Welteroth

Lesson time 12:49 min

In this lesson on marketing yourself, Elaine offers her tips and advice for building a vibrant presence on social media and beyond.

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Topics include: Marketing: The Art of Putting Yourself and Your Work Out There • Social Media Is Your Best Marketing Tool • Build a Social Media Workflow • Harnessing the Power of Social Media • Brand With Authenticity • Case Study: Launching “More Than Enough” and Making It Resonate •


[MUSIC PLAYING] ELAINE WELTEROTH: It's a really vulnerable thing to put yourself out there and to put your work out there, especially work that you toiled away on, usually by yourself in a room where there were no other voices and no other opinions. And once you finally have that thing done, how do you market it? How do you get it out into the world? And how do you make it noisy? Let's specifically talk about marketing and PR. Social media is the best and most effective tool for putting yourself and your work out there. First of all, it's free. And for most of us, we don't have big marketing budgets. So it starts with you being your own creative marketer by utilizing social media and utilizing it in a smart way. How many books do we have to sign here? WOMAN: 300. ELAINE WELTEROTH: 300 books. I love a challenge. When I think about how I approach Instagram, I think of it like a shopfront window. So while you, the artisan, the creator, the creative genius, if you will-- you're in the back of the shop, right? Your head's down, and you're creating the thing that will one day be marketed in the front of the store. But while you're back there, you need to make sure that your storefront window is refreshed daily. You need to make sure that people who are walking by that street are thinking about your brand and your next product. And you want them to be visiting the store so that when you're ready to put out your next product, they're already there. [MUSIC PLAYING] It's important that we're operating from our zone of genius. We've talked about that, right? So for some of us, we can be both the artisan and also changing out our storefront window every day by putting out new content on social media daily. And for most of us, we have to figure out how to get good at being both until we get to a point where we can delegate the social media, content creation, and, you know, publishing, which we all know can be a grind. When it comes to social media, something that's really helped me is developing a workflow. I mean, it takes so much more time than anyone ever talks about. So how much time do you need to dedicate to social media a day? I would encourage you to change it up daily if you can. And if that is too overwhelming, a couple times a week. But the most important thing is that you have a goal, that you have a target in mind. And then you build a workflow. And you account for time management within that workflow. You can't just not do it. So here are a few tips I use to plan my social media workflow. Plan ahead. Especially during busy seasons, I try to plan my posts in advance using a grid planner. They help avoid you being distracted from the actual creative work you need to be doing. And they help avoid waking up with that nagging feeling of, what am I going to post on Instagram today? Set a consistent posting time. A grid planner also allows you to preschedule posts for high-traffic...

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After a decade in her dream job as editor in chief of Teen Vogue, award-winning journalist Elaine Welteroth realized she had other dreams worth pursuing. Now, the New York Times bestselling author, multimedia trailblazer, and judge on the new Project Runway is teaching you how to get out of your comfort zone and harness your personal values, passions, and skills to custom design a career path as unique as you are.

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Elaine Welteroth

Former Teen Vogue editor in chief and multimedia icon Elaine Welteroth teaches you how to harness your values, skills, and passions to create your dream career path.

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