Search for Opportunities and Side Hustles

Elaine Welteroth

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“Always be side-hustling.” That’s Elaine’s motto both in and outside of work. In this lesson, she teaches you how to carve out opportunities, even when you can’t quit your day job just yet.

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Topics include: Search for Opportunities and Side Hustles • The Art of the Side Hustle • Find Opportunities in Your Day Job • Test a Freelance Gig •


[MUSIC PLAYING] - As somebody who started my career at the height of a global recession, what I will say is I'm a big fan of the art of the side hustle. It provides optionality. And more importantly, it gives you an outlet to bring more of yourself, to have your passions ignited, to cultivate and hone your skill set that you may not be tapping into in your day job. So let's just say that your day job is a job that you're not particularly passionate about. But an hour before work and an hour after work, at least as a starting point, you start to dream into your notebook about what would fuel your passion if there was no collateral damage, and you could design a life that would make you the happiest. What would that look like? Write-- write that list down, and then how can you apply some of those excavated dreams and apply them in small ways every single day and develop that, develop it into a small business or a hobby that can grow into a small business? I'm a firm believer in the art of a side hustle. [MUSIC PLAYING] Sometimes, from that list, you can develop a job for yourself that did not exist before. And sometimes, if you're lucky, you can develop a role within your role that you currently have at your day job that allows you the freedom to exercise that entrepreneurial spirit inside you and get paid for it as part of your day job. And I'll give you an example. When I worked at "Ebony" magazine, and I was an assistant. I wanted to be at those fashion shows. I saw those editors at those fashion shows. And I felt a chip on my shoulder that "Ebony" wasn't invited to them. "Ebony" magazine is a legacy Black magazine. We should be at the fashion shows. So I took it upon myself to reach out to the publicists behind all of the major designers in New York City and request an invitation to the fashion shows. Was this a part of my job? No. But did I think it should happen? Yeah. So did I just make it happen? Yeah. Did I ask for a permission? No. I just did it. Well, once we got those invitations, and I started to go to the shows, I realized, you know what? We need a video crew. And so I went to Harriet. I went to my boss. And I said, Harriet, we need to get a video crew. I pitched the case. And she looked at me. And she just simply said what she said many many, many times to me, which was there's no budget for that. I like to think of that as the beginning of a negotiation. So I was able to tap a friend who worked in the video department at a different company. And I called him. And I told him, I really want to do this. Would you be willing to work with me over at "Ebony" for free? We don't have a budget, but I can get you backstage at Oscar La Renta. And we shot this historic interview with Oscar De La Renta that we didn't even have proper access to get. We got that for "Ebony," but more so, we got that for our reels. We got that lived experience. When you have a full-time job, and you have ...

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After a decade in her dream job as editor in chief of Teen Vogue, award-winning journalist Elaine Welteroth realized she had other dreams worth pursuing. Now, the New York Times bestselling author, multimedia trailblazer, and judge on the new Project Runway is teaching you how to get out of your comfort zone and harness your personal values, passions, and skills to custom design a career path as unique as you are.

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Elaine Welteroth

Former Teen Vogue editor in chief and multimedia icon Elaine Welteroth teaches you how to harness your values, skills, and passions to create your dream career path.

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