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How to Be a Resilient Leader

Geno Auriemma

Lesson time 10:34 min

Geno shares how a leader can build resiliency by having courage to take the hits for their team and preparing themselves and team members to withstand challenges together.

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Topics include: Stick Your Neck Out• You Can Handle It • Control the Controllables • Leading Starts With Listening • Change With the Times


- Now I'm going to talk to you about my principles for how to become a resilient leader. Once you say, I'm in charge, once you say, I am leading this band, I am leading this team, I am leading this group of people, what you're saying is, follow me, okay? Well, it's not a straight shot to the moon. This road is going to be a very bumpy road. You're going to get hit. Hit what? Not hit physically, but you're going to get hit with things you never imagined. And if you don't expect to get hit, well, then you know what? You haven't really set yourself up to be the leader. Because by saying, I'm the leader, you're saying to everybody behind you that's following you, I will take the hits. I will take the hits for you. And if they see you fail and hang in there, fail and let them know, listen, we're failing right now. We're not where we want to be. But I promise you, if you stay with me here, we're going to get there. Your positivity, your attitude, how you handle defeat, obstacles, setbacks, whatever you want to call them, how you handle that is going to determine how much confidence they have in you. And once they lose confidence in you, you're no longer the leader. So being resilient, that's rule number one. That's rule number one. You better be resilient. [MUSIC PLAYING] How do you know you're a leader? I would say you're born with some characteristics, and then your environment helps you nurture those things, and then your experiences add to that, and then you're tested, and you're given an opportunity to show whether you're a leader. A long time ago, Jim Valvano said, "Basketball doesn't give you character. But it does give you an opportunity to show if you have any." And I think that's what happens with leadership. I don't think coaching a basketball team, a championship team makes you a leader. But putting yourself in that situation gives you an opportunity to prove whether you are or you're not. Do you step up and lead, or do you go to the back and let someone else lead? So can you learn to be a leader? Absolutely, if you're willing to put yourself out there and be the one that is responsible for failing. If I told you, hey, listen, I want you to lead this group. And at the end you're going to be world famous. I'm in. If I told you I want you to lead this group. But listen, there's a 50-50 chance that this is all going to fall apart. And you're going to go down in history as the worst leader ever. That person who says, I'm in. Well, that's who you want. You're willing to stick your neck out there. You're willing to take that chance without knowing what's going to happen. And you're okay with it. And the more times you put yourself in that situation, you become resilient, right? We talked about that. And you find out, am I capable of being a leader? Yeah, you can learn to be a leader. Just don't shy away from opportunities to lead. [MUSIC PLAYING] Was I born...

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With 11 national college basketball championships and two Olympic gold medals, Geno Auriemma has coached some of basketball’s most iconic teams. Now he’s showing you how to build and lead any kind of team—at home, work, or in your community—and achieve sustainable success. Learn strategies for being an empathetic, resilient leader so you can inspire others to push past their own barriers and reach their highest potential.

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Geno Auriemma

Legendary basketball coach Geno Auriemma teaches you how to lead any kind of team, inspire others to new heights, and build sustainable success.

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