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How to Build Your Leadership Team

Geno Auriemma

Lesson time 11:12 min

Geno explains the importance of a leader’s management team and how to hire and empower them to be partners in leadership rather than subordinates.

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Topics include: The Most Important Person You Hire • Give Autonomy to Your Key People • How to Build Your Leadership Team • What to Do When You Hire the Wrong Person


[MUSIC PLAYING] - Now, I'm going to talk to you about building your team, finding the right people to support you in building a championship team. Championship teams are made up of championship people. You know, you're not going to be able to accomplish the ultimate goal, which is winning a championship, if you have average individuals. So you've got to find people that are above average. First, you have to have an organization that is a championship organization from the top down. A friend of mine told me a long time ago you can never be greater than your leader. You then are setting the agenda. You set the goals. You set the vision of where we are going to be and how we're going to get there. And who am I going to hire? Who am I going to bring in that is going to help me get there? That's how it all starts. [MUSIC PLAYING] If you are the leader, and it's your organization-- you're starting a new business. It's you. The number one thing that you have to do now is know what you don't know, okay? And then the first thing you do is you find someone that knows all those things you don't know, someone who has the same vision as you do, but their skills are all the skills that you struggle with. So you're the idea person. Great. You came up with this idea. Hey, this is how we're going to play. This is what kind of team we're going to have. This is how we're going to function, blah, blah, blah. Now, you need somebody to execute that plan. Well, that might not be you because maybe, you know, I have 1,000 ideas. I just don't know how to execute any of them. So now, rule number one, find someone who knows more than you do and has skills that you don't have. And now the two of you form the first team you're going to have. That's your first big recruit. And you better get that one right. If you don't get anything else right, you better get that one right. Me, personally, the first thing I did when I became the head coach is I found someone who was all the things I wasn't, matter of fact, all the things I'm still not. For me, it was Chris Dailey. And 37 years later, we're still together. There is nothing that has happened in my program in 37 years that she hasn't had a hand in. And it works perfectly because-- it doesn't work too perfect though because I can't even question what she does because I have no idea what the hell she's doing because she's so far ahead of me in some things. It's already taken care of. So it's pointless to even go, hey, what-- it's done. And then the people that we hire that report directly to her in some ways are just like her. They're one step ahead of her. So the organization is built from the top in a way that everyone working here is exactly like my team. They all have different skills. They all have different personality types. They all have a different viewpoint. But we're all committed to the same thing. That's our first team, my assistant coaches, our suppor...

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With 11 national college basketball championships and two Olympic gold medals, Geno Auriemma has coached some of basketball’s most iconic teams. Now he’s showing you how to build and lead any kind of team—at home, work, or in your community—and achieve sustainable success. Learn strategies for being an empathetic, resilient leader so you can inspire others to push past their own barriers and reach their highest potential.

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Geno Auriemma

Legendary basketball coach Geno Auriemma teaches you how to lead any kind of team, inspire others to new heights, and build sustainable success.

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