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Conclusion: Be Present on Your Journey

Jimmy wraps up his MasterClass with a few encouraging words on the importance of valuing the process over the final achievement, living in the moment, and pursuing your passion.

Topics include: Conclusion: Be Present on Your Journey


Jimmy wraps up his MasterClass with a few encouraging words on the importance of valuing the process over the final achievement, living in the moment, and pursuing your passion.

Topics include: Conclusion: Be Present on Your Journey

Jimmy Chin

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For much of my career, I was chasing the achievement. I was chasing the biggest climb, the biggest ski descent, the biggest job. And oftentimes when I got there, that moment of feeling the reward or feeling the achievement was really fleeting. And there was always kind of this downside on it. You know, after a big expedition, I remember-- after skiing Everest-- there was this huge high. And then you kind of dropped off the back end of it. And the way I dealt with it was that I was planning the next big thing. What I've realized over the years is that there's always going to be the next big thing. And you can chase it endlessly. But the realization is that the best moments are when you are in the process of moving towards that achievement. It was the moment where you were in the trenches, where you were in the work. What you come away with from that is that, you know, we play so much on the achievement and less so on the work, and the moments when you're fighting your way there. I think it's important to recognize that. You know, you can chase achievements like you can chase money, you know. It's like it will never be enough. But if you embrace the process of getting there and find that as your award, then you're in a really good place. And I think for me, that's the best place that I've found. Which ultimately means that, you know, you need to set goals, but you also really need to appreciate being in the moment, being present with what you're doing. You know, once I kind of shifted my gaze towards that idea, it really helped me, you know, be focused on the work, which at the end of the day is what's important. Now that you've finished my MasterClass, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to join me. I hope you can leave here with a new perspective on your work, on photography, and have some new practical skills that you can apply to your work. And I think if you find something, like photography, that gives you meaning and purpose, you should consider yourself lucky. My good friend Jon Krakauer once told me that there are two great risks in life-- risking too much and risking too little. And I've always thought that we spend a lot of time focusing on risking too much. But if you found something that you're passionate about, that is the place to take the risks. So have fun out there. Enjoy the process. And good luck.

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Jimmy Chin has built his career taking photos at the top of the world, earning him the cover of National Geographic and multiple awards. Now he’s taking you on location to teach you techniques for capturing breathtaking shots. In his photography class, learn different creative approaches for commercial shoots, editorial spreads, and passion projects. Gather the gear—and the perspective—to bring your photography to new heights.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

It was helpful to see Jimmy work and hear his story. I would wish that tehre was more actual advice, though.

When you are passionate about something and use photography as a means to show case your passion, every shot becomes meaningful to yourself and easier to showcase to others what they are looking for because you have an understanding of what they want to see.

This is an excellent class, very insirational and full of wisedom! Made me reminisce and dream of what's around the corner again!

A very wholistic presentation of what it means to be a professional photographer! I love it to bits! Thanks Jimmy!


Tawny Gwynne E.

Wow! I am motivated now more than ever to really pursue my passion in photography. Jimmy Chin talking about his journey and commitment to the craft inspires me just take the leap and go for it. Thanks for the knowledge you shared, Jimmy Chin!

Nabila G.

Great class, I love it. I am starting to be interested by photography and listening to Jimmy Chin talking about his path is really inspiring.

Yucel Y.

Jimmy's passion shines thru and is held as the candle lighting his journey through photography and endless streams of beautiful and remote mountains. Congrats on following your passions.

A fellow student

I really enjoyed this masterclass and felt that it gave a very valuable insight into some of the considerations of an adventure photographer that go beyond the technical. That being said I also would have really enjoyed to get down to the bones more, some assignments and more technical information. It is a little vague in areas.

Michael R.

After working in the theater and traveling the world for 50 years I recognize the challenges that Jimmy came across in his work. It gave me confidence to seriously reach my goal as a photographer making my own work after performing and executing other’s (great) work all those years. Listening to Jimmy sitting on the first row of the theatre looking through the 4th (open) wall of the stage at a great storyteller, humble person with uncompromising willingness to share his experience. Wonderful teacher, thank you Jimmy Chin!

Kirsten H.

What an amazing course and what a lovely humble man. There is so much information here, not just photography but lessons on how to be, I love this - I’m inspired.

rory S.

this course started great. lots of technical stuff. i would have preferred more of that, more 'assignments' as examples. lessons 10-20 seemed mostly a bit vague and superficial. Much as we'll all happily sit here and eat up his every word, every story he has to tell... this is meant to be a class not a tv chat show. Chin clearly has lots of useful knowledge in his head... He needs to be asked better questions in order to tease that all out of him

Shayne O.

Some really lovely life lessons in his last message and throughout each class regardless of pursuit or passion. Thanks, Jimmy.

Lise A.

That was amazing! Thanks Jimmy for sharing your passion and knowledge. Inspiring. ...and thanks Masterclass. Again!

Karmen B.

There are moments with your Masterclass that feel sooo pure and so clean and brilliant. Perhaps it is a glimpse, a tapping into those pristine mountain tops and the exertion and really true focus it took for you to get there. Gosh, what a blessing this course has been - the practicalities, the techniques, but mostly the passion and inspiration. You are a gift, Jimmy. Thank you most kindly for this sharing.