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Photo Studies: Creative Partnerships

Jimmy Chin

Lesson time 14:46 min

In this chapter, featuring an interview with renowned mountaineer Conrad Anker, Jimmy breaks down how creative relationships fuel his photography, and explores the importance of forging partnerships with those who push you to greater heights.

Jimmy Chin
Teaches Adventure Photography
National Geographic photographer teaches his techniques for planning, capturing, and editing breathtaking photos.
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Jimmy Chin has built his career taking photos at the top of the world, earning him the cover of National Geographic and multiple awards. Now he’s taking you on location to teach you techniques for capturing breathtaking shots. In his photography class, learn different creative approaches for commercial shoots, editorial spreads, and passion projects. Gather the gear—and the perspective—to bring your photography to new heights.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Hearing Jimmy's Story and finding similarities between my own path through photography provides affirmation to inspire me to chase this dream to the next level, a career in photography.

I will take this information out on every hike and document it on youtube for the future.

A legend. Fascinating, captivating, and humble.

Amazing experience! Jimmy has a very clear vision and protocols to develop his work. It's a great lesson for everyone who wants to start in the field.


jodouin M.

I love Jimmy Chin a lot and his work is very inspiring for me but I have to admit that I'm a little bit disapointed by this masterclass. Not enough advise on the technical aspects, what lens to chose, how to deal with changing light in mountains? For me it is just a very long ITW )-; 100$ is the price of complete Starwars DVD box!!! Sorry if I'm being rude. By the way, Jimmy Chin remains one of favourite photographer...

Chris O.

Consequences x probability = risk .... so cool. If only I had heard this before I lost my leg paragliding. However... Reluctance x missed opportunity = regret No regrets 📸

Peter S.

Pretty much all of these classes are completely Worthless. I came into the MasterClass with a lot of questions and expectations. Should I get a teleconverter lens? Tell me in your 20 classes many scenarios that you use different lenses. Tell me why this f-stop is preferable. What are the settings of your national geographic photos? What are ideal combinations of f-stop, Iso and aperture to get proper photos outside vs inside. Midday vs night time, etc. Jimmy Chin ends up talking about things like "you need to allow yourself to fail." Yea, no kidding, I already learn those lessons everyday in my own life and my own career. This is a waste of money. I literally learned more about photography from the first 5 minutes from ANY YOUTUBE VIDEO or from the first five minutes of any photography book or the first 5 minutes from taking a photography class. He just wastes your time telling you stories about when he was a kid, waiting tables, working for his mentors, how Conrad is his best friend, etc, etc, etc.

Teresa T.

I haven't been able to download any of the workbooks since lesson 5. Any suggestions?

A fellow student

I love the sentiment about when you have to be the best, you are the best. The whole having to rise to the occasion is so critical and I think that plays out so well when you work and partner with others that not only bring out the best in you but challenge you to elevate yourself further. There is only growth outside our comfort zones. So cool and what a nice tribute to Dean Potter. So sad to lose such a free spirit.


Congrats big time to Jimmy on the Oscar! Wow, so cool--and well-deserved. Although I think Meru was even better and also deserved an award.

Jorge B.

Creativity flourishes when team work and talent meet. It becomes this mutual respect for craft and a different perspective must be welcomed in order for everyone to grow and learn.

Rob J.

So far in the masterclass I feel it is lacking teaching structure. There is a lot of Jimmy telling us how good he is and telling us ego boosting stories but there doesn't seem to be a lot of content. In this video it took 15 minutes to tell us its good to have friends to go on expedition with and to tell us (again) that Jimmy has shot a lot of different activities in the mountains.