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Karla Welch’s Celebrity Styling Process

Karla Welch

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Karla gives an inside view into all that goes into her styling process, from working with a new client to creating a red carpet statement, breaking down step-by-step how she creates iconic looks for her A-list clients.

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Topics include: Karla Welch’s Celebrity Styling Process * Working With A New Client * Consider The Event * Call In Clothes From Designers * Fitting Your Client * Collaborate with Your Glam Squad * The Big Day


[MUSIC PLAYING] - In this chapter, I'm going to walk you through my creative process from meeting a client for the first time to sending them out the door to a huge event. [PHOTOGRAPHERS SHOUTING] The first thing that happens when I get a call to style a client is, well, A, I decide if I'm the right fit for this person. I look at their projects. Are they inspiring to me? Do I think I can do something amazing together? I really want to be excited about the people I work with. And then I think, oh, can I do the job that they need. I think that's really important it's, like, am I able to give them what they need because ultimately we give 110% to anybody who comes into our door. It doesn't matter what the rate is or the budget or what they're promoting. I want people who come to me to be so taken care of. A celebrity stylist works on red carpets, on stage performances, on photoshoots, on brand partnerships, magazine covers, billboards, commercials, online content, and most anything you see in the media that requires someone to dress up. When I'm styling for an event, I'm thinking about what the project is. Is it a red carpet? Is it to go with a certain movie? Is it a press day, all those things go into consideration of how we're going to dress. Are they standing? Are they seated who's seeing this? Is it on TV, or is it going to be photographed? There are hundreds of things that come into play with every look. We get through that, then I say yes. And we usually arrange a meeting or a phone call, and I talk about, you know, past looks they've done, what they've loved, what they haven't loved, what kind of story we want to tell with each other, you know. Generally, it's centered in whatever film they are promoting and what the events are they're doing, You know, right now we're talking about Met Ball with several clients and the Cannes Film Festival, so it's always very event specific. This is where my daydreaming comes into play. I think and I daydream about this person and what I want to see them do in the world. And then I generally land on some sort of direction, let's say sharp, sexy. And then I go from there. [MUSIC PLAYING] So once I've landed on a client and a direction and we know what we're styling for, that's when the fun starts. We start calling in clothes from all sorts of designers. We start hitting all these showrooms, and showrooms are a place where designers have samples that they lend to celebrity clients. And call in means we're going to ask to borrow their clothes. We're going to ask a designer, for example, Yves Saint Laurent, to dress this client. And there's a bit of negotiation that takes place there. You know, if it's somebody new, they might not want to, but if-- the way our business works is generally people know who's up and coming or it might be an established client. But in this case, let's pretend it's somebody new. So I'll go out to all my relations...

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From styling stars like Justin Bieber and Tracee Ellis Ross to creating her own clothing line, Karla Welch has spent almost 20 years honing her creative process while pushing the boundaries of fashion. Now she’s teaching how you can let your individuality shine through your wardrobe. Learn to identify your personal style, bring it to life, and make a statement without saying a word.

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Karla Welch

Renowned celebrity stylist Karla Welch teaches you how to find your personal style and create a strong, versatile wardrobe that’s uniquely you.

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