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The Power of What You Wear

Karla Welch

Lesson time 06:45 min

Clothes can make you feel powerful. Karla shares how important styling can be when used as a tool to put your best foot forward. She reminds us that like anything else, how we approach getting dressed is a habit—and habits take practice.

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Topics include: The Power of What You Wear * The Evolution of Storytelling * Tell Your Story * Time to Get Dressed Again


PRESENTER: Style can be the ultimate expression of who you are. It's not about just putting an outfit together. It's a reflection of the choices you make, the person you are, or the person you want to be, based on the inspiration you find in the world. We live in a world where we only make snap judgments. It's the wiring of our brains that we look at someone, and we make a decision on them. I'm not saying that's right or wrong, but there is an opportunity to reinforce who you are with your clothing in that moment. Whether it's the first impression at a job interview, making a talk, being here today, talking to all of you, there is power in how you make the choices of what you want to show the world. Clothes can tell yourself that you're worth it, that you are worthy of feeling like your best self. And I think we miss that a lot. I'm a mom. I'm a wife. I'm a sister. I'm a daughter. I run businesses. Today, I walked in and sweatpants, and now I'm fully made up, and I'm in an outfit I love to wear because it makes me feel very strong and confident. And a little bit of that in anybody's life, regardless of what field you're in, is a very significant tool to have. It's a tool that we face the world with. I don't ever want to think that style is everything. You don't have to have style to have a wonderful, amazing life. But there is power in it. There's power in how you project and how you feel. I'm a celebrity stylist. I work with talent that we all see on television, in the movies, and in music, and I help cultivate their image. We start at the beginning of a project. We get to know each other. We create a bond with each other through clothing, and I help them face the world via how they look. Styling has been around in magazines. Historically, since the beginning of fashion magazines, there was always a fashion editor who was making the photographs. That was my first image of it-- my first reality of it, rather. And then of course, in high fashion, people who worked with the designers. The concept of celebrity fashion actually started with Giorgio Armani dressing celebrities-- I believe it was Jodie Foster for the Academy Awards-- and tapping into the power of his brand on a celebrity on a major red carpet. And since then, it's greatly evolved. I've been working with celebrities for almost 20 years, and the amount of change that's happened has been so dramatic. It's amazing. I'll give a shout out to Rachel Zoe, a stylist. She really changed the landscape of celebrity styling for someone like me to come up because all of a sudden, the eyes were on the celebrity. And the stylist, she 100% made that shift. And then all of a sudden, you saw magazine covers with celebrities instead of models, and red carpets were getting covered. And it just like grew and grew and grew and grew to where we are now. And now there's much more friendliness and community between editorial stylists and celebrity stylists ...

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From styling stars like Justin Bieber and Tracee Ellis Ross to creating her own clothing line, Karla Welch has spent almost 20 years honing her creative process while pushing the boundaries of fashion. Now she’s teaching how you can let your individuality shine through your wardrobe. Learn to identify your personal style, bring it to life, and make a statement without saying a word.

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Karla Welch

Renowned celebrity stylist Karla Welch teaches you how to find your personal style and create a strong, versatile wardrobe that’s uniquely you.

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