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Melinda’s Journal: Berkeley, California, 2019

Melinda French Gates

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Melinda visits a Berkeley, California, program that empowers young women.

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WOMAN: Girl's Garage, Berkeley, California, May, 2019. I was so impressed by Girls Garage the program itself has such an important mission, preparing young girls and gender expansive youth for jobs and fields where they've historically been underrepresented, like carpentry, welding, architecture, and engineering. But they go beyond job preparation and really work to develop their students confidence and courage. Once 17-year-old Anna told me that in most areas of her life fear stops her from even trying. But not at Girls Garage. It's like their motto says, fear less, build more. Not only is Girls Garage empowering girls like Anna to build furniture for domestic abuse shelters and fruit stands for refugees, but it's helping them remodel their own self-image too. What an inspiring reminder that pivotal is on the right track and why I got involved in this work in the first place, to fear less and build more.

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One of the greatest philanthropists in history, Melinda French Gates has dedicated her life to giving back to the world. Now she’s teaching how you can identify your own unique assets—time, money, specific skills, or even your voice to discover a strategic path that can turn your power into progress.

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Melinda French Gates

A philanthropist and advocate for women and girls, Melinda French Gates teaches you how to take what you’re good at and use it to create change.

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