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Melinda’s Journal: Korogocho, Tanzania, 2014

Melinda French Gates

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In this page from her journal, Melinda describes the experience of visiting a Tanzanian village where education is prized.

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Topics include: Melinda’s Journal: Korogocho, Tanzania, 2014


[MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: Tanzania, January 2014. Jenn and I stayed with the most loving family on our trip to Tanzania-- Sanare, Anna, and their children. Sanare told me he was worried about his 13-year-old daughter Grace, who didn't pass her exams to go to high school. He said that if she doesn't pass the second time around, she'll lose the opportunity for a better life. One night, Jenn walked out of her hut wearing her headlamp, because it's pitch black around their house. Grace, who was usually very shy, ran straight up to Jenn and asked her if she could have the headlamp after we left. Grace wanted it so she could study at night after her housework was done. That story put two facts in focus for me. First, no matter where you are in the world, girls and women carry additional unseen burdens that make life harder. Second, sometimes the smallest interventions can illuminate a new path forward.

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One of the greatest philanthropists in history, Melinda French Gates has dedicated her life to giving back to the world. Now she’s teaching how you can identify your own unique assets—time, money, specific skills, or even your voice to discover a strategic path that can turn your power into progress.

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Melinda French Gates

A philanthropist and advocate for women and girls, Melinda French Gates teaches you how to take what you’re good at and use it to create change.

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