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Build Your Brand

Parris Goebel

Lesson time 08:02 min

Discover Parris’s process for building a brand that’s unique, authentic, and relevant. Parris shares concrete ways to tap into an inner voice and lessons about the importance of breaking all the rules.

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Topics include: Start Within · Who Inspires You? · What Moves You? · Pave Your Own Way


[00:00:02.78] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:00:03.99] [00:00:30.66] - Something that I learned once I got into the industry was that when you you're unique and you have something fresh, everyone wants a piece of it. And I think there's power in knowing that. So I think, you know, if there was something that I would have told myself before I entered the industry-- was that protect it. Protect your magic. [00:00:53.33] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:01:11.50] Start within And. Then you can really express and put out-- put out into the world that you're proud of. You know, for me, a priority was woman empowerment. That was so important to me. I knew that I wanted to create things that inspired young girls, inspired women, and put us on a platform in a strong way, because I feel like at that time when I was young, I wasn't really seeing dance portrayed on woman in a versatile way. It was it was more feminine or it looks like this, looked like that. So I kind of-- I felt it was really important for me to showcase woman in a different light. Like, I wanted-- I wanted to be strong, I wanted to be a boss. [00:01:55.06] And also, I didn't look like your average dancer. I was chunky, I was thick. You know, I didn't look like a commercial dancer. So I kind of took that and turned it into like my superpower. I turned it into something positive and powerful. And I think that's what it's about. It's about looking at yourself and thinking, what makes me unique? What makes me different to everyone else in this industry. And once you can discover that, appreciate it, nurture it, and put it out into the world, then you're really using your voice. [00:02:27.58] And for me, I naturally did that without even thinking about it. I naturally just went against the grain. And started dancing different to what I was seeing. I just wanted to be a rebel. And that ended up being my magic. That ended up being what people looked at me for freshness. And I brought something different to the table. [00:02:49.41] I really believe that's what it's about-- is understanding what's within, understanding what you stand for, understanding how you want to change the world. Because that's what dance does. It changes the world. You can change the world. So once you know how you want to change the world, then you can put that into your art and express it and express yourself. [00:03:13.26] I think it's also important to dive into stories of people that inspire you and why-- why they're so special and what makes them unique. And it kind of just confirms that, you know, you're on the right track. So for me, when I learnt about Bob Fosse, his work blew me away and completely just changed how I saw dance. You know, and he's more jazz. Part of his story is that he had a bad posture and he didn't move, you know, the same way that most trained dancers did. [00:03:45.72] And instead of giving up and seeing that as a flaw, he took that and made it his whole style. It was his thing. And I think it's a beautiful ...

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The creative force behind Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” video and Jennifer Lopez’s Super Bowl halftime show, Parris Goebel is a dance powerhouse. Now the award-winning choreographer breaks down her approach so you can harness your own creativity. Learn how iconic performances are made—and how to develop and polish routines, direct videos, and exude confidence every step of the way—as Parris opens up like never before.

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Parris Goebel

Award-winning choreographer Parris Goebel teaches you her techniques for bringing a vision to life and her approach to owning your creativity.

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