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Parris Goebel

Lesson time 11:06 min

Parris reveals her secrets to building self-confidence. She shares stories from her childhood and her early career when she was full of doubt, and she explains the tools she has used to evolve into a confident leader and a master of her craft.

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Topics include: Finding My Way · Building an Empire · The Big Break


[00:00:00.00] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:00:15.32] - You know, people always ask me, how are you so confident? You're such a boss, how did you become that? And the truth is, it's been such a long journey. [00:00:26.93] I was born in Auckland, New Zealand in . And grew up in a house filled with music and dance. And knew at a really young age that this is what I was born to do. [00:00:39.23] My earliest memories of dance is just me dancing to music in the lounge. My mom would have to watch and sit through song after song. And I'd just dance. Any family members came over, aunties, uncles came over, everyone would have to sit down and go through watching me dance as well. [00:00:59.64] My little taste of hip hop was MTV and what I saw on the music videos. I remember when I was about 10 years old I probably took my first hip hop class. And it was just around the corner from my house. And I think my mom saw the ad in the newspaper. [00:01:15.12] She took me and I just fell in love. I really fell in love. I walked in, everyone was freestyling to the music. And I just was like, what is this? What's going on? [00:01:25.34] And yeah, I just went home that night with a huge smile on my face. And I knew that it was something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. But after that I guess I kind of went from studio to studio, looking for a home. [00:01:40.02] But because here in New Zealand we don't have that many hip hop based studios, I really struggled to find a place that I felt like I belonged. Or a place that I felt like taught hip hop in a way that I saw it on the music videos. Because that's all I wanted to do, was what they were doing in the music videos. [00:01:57.06] So I guess at around 13, I kind of just gave up looking for a home and just found a home in myself. And just danced in my room every day, started making up my own moves. And I didn't know it was choreography at that time. But I just knew I had a natural gift for putting together choreography and moves in my own way. [00:02:17.75] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:02:23.86] So I guess school wasn't for me. And I do believe it's not for everyone. I really struggled with school. I didn't feel like I belonged there. And I didn't find teachers that believed in me or saw something in me. So I just remember not having the best time at school and just wanted to be somewhere else. [00:02:43.61] I wanted to dance. I wanted to jump on the desk and move. So I really struggled with school. But luckily my dad is also a creative. So he gets it, he gets creatives are just different. [00:02:57.12] And we've got a crane that's getting-- [00:02:58.89] - That's showing-- yeah. They're going to tape out some lines and to just go through some stuff that-- [00:03:04.59] - You want us to go from top to bottom? [00:03:05.84] - That they saw. [00:03:06.65] We think differently and we see the world differently. So when I was 15, by then I knew I wanted to dance. I knew exactly what I wanted...

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The creative force behind Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” video and Jennifer Lopez’s Super Bowl halftime show, Parris Goebel is a dance powerhouse. Now the award-winning choreographer breaks down her approach so you can harness your own creativity. Learn how iconic performances are made—and how to develop and polish routines, direct videos, and exude confidence every step of the way—as Parris opens up like never before.

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Parris Goebel

Award-winning choreographer Parris Goebel teaches you her techniques for bringing a vision to life and her approach to owning your creativity.

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