Selling: The Most Important Questions

Robert Reffkin

Lesson time 08:40 min

Robert outlines the four key areas—and the questions you should ask yourself—that will have the biggest impact on maximizing your sale price and having a positive experience throughout.

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Topics include: Assess Your Goals · Four Things to Consider Before You Sell · The Right Price


[MUSIC PLAYING] - Everyone should know about the process of selling a home, because even if you're not planning to sell the home that you're living in right now, you may be a buyer, and you're eventually going to sell the home. So you'll have to do that eventually. So when you want to sell a home you should really think about your goals. The goal around timing, like when does that home need to be sold. Does it need to be sold? Do you have three years, do you have three months? Do you really need the cash for something like buying the new home? Do you need to sell before you even buy your new home? And so one is timing. Second is, how much do you actually need? Do you need a certain dollar amount or do you have more flexibility on the actual price that you ultimately get? What matters more to you, timing or price? You know, where is that trade-off? Then how much is convenience matter to you? So when you're selling your home, do you want people come into your home every Sunday for an extended period of time and for you to be you know asked to politely leave? You're not supposed to be there. How much does privacy matter to you? When you're selling your home, those photos are public of your home. Everyone knows the address. Does that matter for you to be private? Because if it does, then you should sell your home off market and not list it on the internet. Do you not care if it's on the internet or do you? A lot of the wealthiest people in the world will sell their home where it's not on the internet and they'll do it privately. There are a number of goals that you should evaluate as a seller when you're thinking about the right plan to sell your home. Timing, convenience, privacy, how much you're looking for in after tax proceeds, are you willing to renovate and improve your home in any way, painting, staging, to make it more move-in ready. And of course, your real estate agent, who's going to be the quarterback and help you do all those things in the optimal way to meet your goals, as well as they will connect you to the other advisors that you need, like the movers, any contractors, title, escrow, et cetera. One thing I would add is if you're thinking about selling, you should really have a view on what time of the year you're going to sell. Like you should consider selling right into the spring market, if not the spring market, the fall market, where the most buyers are there. An example of why the spring market makes so much sense is because buyers want to buy in advance of the school year, and they want to buy a home that will meet the needs of their, the school district they want their kids to go to. When you're a seller, the first thing that you should decide is who is the agent you're going to use. I cannot stress enough that selling a home isn't a transaction, it's a process. And there are professionals at running that process. And so find the right agent who on balance, is someone that you would want to work ...

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As the CEO and founder of Compass, Robert Reffkin has used modern technology to revolutionize the real estate industry in the U.S. Now he’s demystifying the ins and outs of the American home-buying process and sharing tools that will help you buy or sell a home with confidence. Learn how to approach your search, choose an agent, make an offer, and more. Your future home is waiting—let Robert help you find it.

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Robert Reffkin

Robert Reffkin, the founder and CEO of Compass, helps you get closer to finding your dream home by simplifying and demystifying real estate.

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