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Balance Beam Advanced

Simone Biles

Lesson time 10:37 min

Simone demonstrates advanced skills on the balance beam, including a front handspring, front aerial, handspring layout, split leaps, and a double-double dismount.

Simone Biles
Teaches Gymnastics Fundamentals
Gold-winning Olympic gymnast Simone Biles teaches her training techniques—from beginner to advanced—so you can practice like a champion.
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[MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: We're back at beam. So now I'm going to be showing you some advanced basics drills, and some of the skills for my routines. And I think it's very important that you keep up with your basics, because that's what sets you up for your more difficult skills. And as you level up, that's when you start adding on to your routines. In this section, we're going to break down skills such as handsprings, progressions, jumps, and dismounts. Once you've mastered a single back handspring, you are ready to add on another. It's important to start with square hips. And then, just like we covered in the last chapter, bend deeply like you're sitting in a chair, turn over from your hips, push through your toes, and block from your shoulders. Look at the beam before you begin the second back handspring. Also, keep your arms and legs straight. Then, when your feet step down, your arms should be up, and your hips should be square so that you can add on other skills. A key tip is to keep the same rhythm from one back handspring to the next. Your rhythm should go hands, feet, hands, feet. That's hands, feet, hands, feet. I practice some of these skills uphill on mats to make sure I have the proper height, form, and technique. This drill helps with the hip rise and turnover. If you're not pushing through your legs and rotating through your hips properly, you'll come up short. The back handspring 2 feet takes a lot more power than the step out, because you need to pull both legs over at the same time. To do this, keep your hips square, and focus on your hip turnover. Then, snap off of your hands quickly, while snapping your feet down at the same time. If you can do a front walkover, you're ready to progress to a front handspring. To start, keep your shoulder angle open so that you get a good block. If it closes, then your shoulders will be too far forward over your hands, and it will be difficult to complete the skill. Drive your heels over, keeping the hips square so you know where to land. The front aerial combines many of the basic drills we've shown you already-- the needle kick, front walkover, and front handspring. To begin, bend your front leg deeply. Drop your chest while you kick your back leg through needle. Encircle your arms along your body. Your arms are key, as they give you the momentum. Moving them simultaneously with your legs will help you rise. Keep your hips square so that you know your feet are going to land on the beam. Then, stand up quickly, and finish with your arms back. On the takeoff, look at your foot on the beam. Maintain eye contact with the beam until you land. Practicing this skill uphill onto mats will help you master hip turnover, and exaggerate your leg work. Remember-- bend deeply, and simultaneously swing your arms and kick through needle. Syncing these movements will help create the hip rise. This is a combination pass-- back handspring, layout, step out, layout, st...

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At 22, Simone Biles is already a legend. With 14 medals, including 10 gold, Simone is the most decorated World Championship American gymnast of all time. Now the Olympic gymnast—part of the gold-medal-winning USA gymnastics "Final Five"—breaks down her techniques for vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor. Discover how Simone performs under pressure, learn to practice like a champion, and claim your competitive edge.


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Loved it! Such unique masterclass that can help so many young gymnast!

There's no way I'm ever going to be a gymnast, but I really enjoyed all these videos and I think some of the things Simone commented on can be applied to other fields in life

I used to take gymnastics when I was a child and don't remember my coaches ever explaining skills or routines in the way she did. Makes me want to pick the sport back up.

This class helped me a-lot, as even though I'm a beginner ish and I'm capable of doing some of the skills shown, it showed me what I could achieve to