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Uneven Bars Basics

Simone Biles

Lesson time 8:53 min

With eight-year-old Mia demonstrating, Simone walks you through the basics of the uneven bars. Some of the drills include glides, drop kips, tap swings, and floor handstands.

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Topics include: Glides • Drop Kips • Kips • Small Cast 45 • Tap Swings • Handstand


[MUSIC PLAYING] SIMONE BILES: So we're at the uneven bars. What's really important on the bars are how you swing. You really have to let your body swing to get the flow of all the skills so that you're successful. And to start off with that, you have to really focus on your fundamentals. Once you get those down, then you can focus on the higher level skills, such as releases, releasing from high to low, low to high, and then more difficult dismounts. On an even bars, I want you guys to remember a couple of tips-- rhythm, swing, and form, and then you can get to happy swinging. Growing up, bars was always difficult for me with the form the swinging and the confidence. I've struggled with it, it didn't come as easy as the other events. I was always really behind. So I really had to focus on my fundamentals, such as doing a lot of the drills, doing a lot of basics, doing a lot of mental work so that I can be where I am today. And I think that's why I'm more confident on bars. In this chapter, I'm going to break down some of the basics I had to revisit to improve my skills on bars. We'll start with kips and work up to handstands. This is Mia. She's going to demonstrate proper form on some important bar basics, starting with glides. Glides are key because they help you build to more advanced skills, like kips. When Mia swings, notice that her legs are straight and together. She's open at the hips and makes one clean line with her body. When she swings back, she bends at the waist and her hips are at a right angle. Her shoulders are open and her chest is rounded. Remember, shoulders, rounded back, and extend through your legs. Also, notice that Mia keeps re-gripping the bar. This is a good way to get comfortable with the grip as you build up to more advanced skills. Up next are drop kips. This drill is another way to build to a kip. First, you want to maintain straight arms throughout this drill. Then, when you push away from the bar, your elbows should be straight and your back rounded. Make sure you maintain that round back when you drop. Then pull your toes close to the bar and ride your momentum on the swing. You should end in front support with your wrists bent and arms straight. Finally, push the bar down while keeping your chin to your chest and your gaze down. Three to five reps is a good number for this drill. A kip is a fundamental skill that you'll use in routines for the rest of your gymnastics career. Here, Mia is demonstrating the most basic kind of kip. Think of kips as putting together what you learn on glides and drop kips. If you don't master those two drills first, your transition into kips will be more difficult. Just like with those drills, you need to have straight arms and legs. Your back should be rounded with your chin to your chest. When you grab the bar, think of pushing the bar away and keeping your body in a hollow position. You want a long glide. Open your hips, and shoot your toes towar...

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At 22, Simone Biles is already a legend. With 14 medals, including 10 gold, Simone is the most decorated World Championship American gymnast of all time. Now the Olympic gymnast—part of the gold-medal-winning USA gymnastics "Final Five"—breaks down her techniques for vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor. Discover how Simone performs under pressure, learn to practice like a champion, and claim your competitive edge.

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