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Tan France

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Tan shares how to use a mood board, how to shop in a store and online, the benefits of department stores, how to buy jeans, and how to go vintage shopping.

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Topics include: Use Your Mood Board • Find Your Look and Size Online • Shop Strategically • Get Specific • Discover New Looks in a Department Store • Ask for Help • Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans • Go Window Shopping • Save Money, Go to Your Supermarket • Look to Influencers for Unique Options • Get Something Unique; Go Vintage Shopping • Don’t Be Distracted by the Glitz • Don’t Be Fooled


[00:00:00.00] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:00:13.23] - You go shopping or online shopping with this screenshot in mind, with all these images. And so you've already decided who this person is, who you want to be, and it makes it easy to shop because you are referring to that at every turn. When you are looking at something, is that that girl? No, she wouldn't wear that flair jean. [00:00:32.61] Is that that girl? No, she wouldn't wear rips in her jean. Would she wear that beautiful sheer top? Probably not. That doesn't make sense for her boho story. [00:00:40.47] So you're really starting to piece together who this new person is that you're wanting to channel. If it doesn't tie-in with the mood board, it's probably not right for what you're going for. It helps keep you right on track. [00:00:52.11] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:00:58.81] I, personally, find that finding things online is easier because you could simply type into your search-- let's say, for example, you have found that your story has become white boho style. So the next thing you will do is key that into your search engine, and then you will find a bunch of options that will be available from many, many, many companies. Click on the Shopping tab and start to find the ones that speak to you. There are so many filters you can add to that, and then it starts to really whittle down, whittle down, whittle down until you found the kind of vibe you're going for. [00:01:32.95] Click on those and purchase two sizes. This is the important part. I always buy two sizes of everything that I like. [00:01:42.03] It arrives. You are trying everything on, even if you try on, let's say, for example, that perfect boho dress, and it fits beautifully. However, you try on the next size up that you purchased, or the next size down that you purchased, and you realize that, no, that's my actual size. That's why you're buying two. Please always go for two sizes. [00:02:04.99] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:02:11.58] Let's say, for example, you want to go for a simple department store website to make it easier for yourself-- a Nordstrom, a Macy's, a Neiman's, whichever is your preference. Go through the new arrivals first and foremost and just work your way through. There's a bunch of pages, I know, but it's worth the effort. [00:02:30.14] Select the items you want. Add them all to your bag. Even if it's popping up at $50,000, it's fine. We're going to edit down. [00:02:36.68] Just like you did with your mood board, you're going to put everything in your bag that you're loving, and then you're going edit down. So click, click, click, bag, bag, bag, and then you go to your bag when you think you've found everything that you want to find. And then you start to go back through there and remove items until you finally whittle down what you wanted all along, which was your new aesthetic you already found, and now you're purchasing that new aesthetic. [00:02:59.93] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:03:06.92] Online shopping is wonderful when y...

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Beloved style icon and Queer Eye cohost Tan France has styled thousands of people on and off camera over the past 20 years. Now he’s sharing his comprehensive and transformational approach to developing your own personal style. Learn how to build a capsule wardrobe; select colors, shapes, and patterns that work for your body and your unique personality; and discover the confidence to look and feel your best, every day.

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Tan France

Queer Eye cohost Tan France breaks down the principles of great style, from building a capsule wardrobe to looking pulled together every day.

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