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Incorporating Color

Tan France

Lesson time 08:02 min

Discover the colors that work for you, why some “rules” about color should be ignored, and how to power clash.

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Topics include: Find Your Colors • Don’t Be Fooled by What You Hear • Make It Easy on Yourself • The Art of the Power Clash • Just Don’t Match Colors • How to Do Denim • Color Coordinating Your Closet


[00:00:00.00] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:00:07.22] - Let's talk about color and why it's so important to have in your arsenal when it comes to great style. The biggest mistake I see people make with color is that they don't incorporate it enough. They think, well, I'm not the kind of person that wears color. I wear black. [00:00:19.92] However, is that black really making you feel what you want to feel that day? Is it making you stand out from the crowd? Is it conveying what you want it to convey, that I I'm a strong, positive person, I feel perfectly confident in who I am? If the answer is no with that black wardrobe, it's time to start to incorporate color. [00:00:42.80] If you don't feel comfortable color right now, ease in. Start with colors that you're familiar with and build on that as opposed to going from something very much subdued to, I'm going to wear a pink pant with a green shirt, a yellow shoe, a purple scarf. That's not a look. That has gone from you being a version of you to you being somebody completely different. Find colors that work for you. Find colors that feel like you and embrace those as opposed to creating a character with color. [00:01:11.12] The way you find your color is by experimenting with color. Experiment in the fitting room. Experiment before you purchase. Try on as much color as possible and see what really feels like you. For example, if you know you've always liked blue, try different shades of blue. If you always wear a yellow, find different shades within that family-- more yellows, dark yellows, oranges. There are other options for you. You may not have considered them. [00:01:36.53] I would like you to do something for me. I would like you to Google a color wheel. On that color wheel, you will find the colors that you mostly wear. Let's say, for example, it is blue. Next to blue, you will find the next color along that moves past blue. That is the closest match to the color you are already wearing. [00:01:54.86] So if you think, well, I already like blue, I know I like blue, the next color along on that color wheel will also work for you. You'll have to find the right shade that works for you. Maybe it's not super bright. It may be a muted version of it. But that is the easiest way to see what color you can move on to next that's not going to be jarring for you. [00:02:12.08] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:02:19.14] As far as color is concerned, don't be fooled by what you hear that your skin color dictates what colors you can wear. In my opinion, that is so archaic and completely unnecessary. Just because you're white doesn't mean you can't wear cream. Just because you've got red hair does not mean you can't wear red. [00:02:36.90] The old saying of real men wear pink-- everyone can wear pink. It doesn't matter what you identify as. Pink is a wonderful color. Maybe bright pink isn't for you but there may be a version of pink that's right for you. You can wear every call that's available. Just find the right hue t...

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Beloved style icon and Queer Eye cohost Tan France has styled thousands of people on and off camera over the past 20 years. Now he’s sharing his comprehensive and transformational approach to developing your own personal style. Learn how to build a capsule wardrobe; select colors, shapes, and patterns that work for your body and your unique personality; and discover the confidence to look and feel your best, every day.

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Tan France

Queer Eye cohost Tan France breaks down the principles of great style, from building a capsule wardrobe to looking pulled together every day.

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