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Park Intermediate & Advanced

Tony Hawk

Lesson time 6:43 min

Lizzie Armanto, one of the world’s top park skaters, takes over from Tony and teaches you intermediate and advanced park tricks.

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Topics include: Rock to Fakie • Frontside Ollie • Backside 50/50 Grind • Frontside 5-0 Grind • Backside Disaster • Frontside Smith Grind • Fakie Disaster Smith • Frontside Boneless


TONY HAWK: In the last 10 years, we've seen an influx of girl skaters that truly rip and that are inspiring a younger generation of skaters around the world. Lizzie Armanto is a member of my Birdhouse Skate Team and one of the most prominent female professional skateboarders today. She won gold at the X Games, was the first girl on the cover of Transworld Skateboarding Magazine, and was the first female skater to complete the loop, a full 360 degree ramp that goes upside down. She truly rips. LIZZIE ARMANTO: I give my mom the credit for my love of skateboarding. She worked full time. So when my brother and I were young, we'd go to the skate park as a sort of after school care. And I was immediately hooked. I started competing in park competitions when I was pretty young. I've competed in lots of competitions since from invitationals to the X Games. And I get to represent Finland at the Olympics once skateboarding makes its Olympic debut. It's pretty cool to see how far skateboarding has come, especially for us girls. I'm excited that skateboarding will be shown on a global scale and for so many people to be exposed to it for the first time and hopefully find their passion for it like I have. - She has the ability to take you to the next level intermediate tricks in park skating. So Lizzie, take it away. - Today I'm going to teach you intermediate and advanced park skating. On a rock to fakie, approach the coping going straight up. You'll want to shift your weight forward as you approach the lip, lifting your front truck slightly so the middle of your board will be balanced on the coping. Then shift your weight back into the bowl. Put your weight on your tail to make sure you clear your front truck and avoid hanging up. Just be careful not to lean too far back. If you lean too far back, you can slam. I want to quickly break down frontside and backside. Usually tricks where you're approaching the coping facing forward, it's a frontside trick. And when you're approaching the coping with your back towards it, it's a backside trick. For this trick, you're going to go up by approaching the coping at a slight angle. As you near the lip, slightly rotate your shoulders frontside. With your back foot, hit your tail, popping your board upwards. At the same time, slide your front foot forward. This will launch you into the air. Continue to have both legs bent as you and the board continue a slight rotation. Extend your legs and prepare to land on the wall. If you feel like you're going to hang up on the coping, then kick the board away. In a backside 50/50, approach the lip so that it's on your backside. Aim for a spot on the coping where you want to place your back truck to start the grind. Shift your weight to putting your front truck down. You're now grinding on both trucks. To come in, do a subtle kick turn to go back into the bowl. When you're first learning, your weight will be more centered over the deck when grinding, and ...

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A pro at 14 and the first to land a 900 at the X Games, Tony Hawk is one of the most influential skateboarders of all time. Now he’s helping you take your skateboarding to the next level. Joined by pros Lizzie Armanto and Riley Hawk, Tony teaches you beginner, intermediate, and advanced tricks in street, park, and vert. Learn how to push yourself, get up when you fall, and find your own style. Start reaching new heights.

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Tony Hawk

Legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk teaches you how to take your skateboarding to the next level, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

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