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The Future of Skateboarding

Tony Hawk

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Skateboarding is no longer an outsider’s sport—now it’s going to the Olympics and changing lives for a new generation. Tony shares his final thoughts on what skateboarding has meant to him.

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- I would come home when I was a kid-- 13, 14-- and I'd tell my dad, "I learned a new trick." And he'd say, "There are no more new tricks to learn." That was his attitude in 1982. And here we are. There are still new tricks to learn. And now we're seeing things happen that I truly thought were impossible. I mean the stuff that I see people do, that I see on video, 10 years ago, I would have said, "It's not possible." 20 years ago, I would have said, "You're crazy for even thinking about it." And I don't see it slowing down. CHRIS LEARY: Skateboarding is among five new sports that will make their Olympic debut. The competition will feature both male and female skateboarders in two different styles-- park and street. - I think this new generation of skaters has much more opportunity, thanks to its inclusion in the Olympics. On an international scale, it's going to change everything because countries that have, for the most part, discouraged and shunned people from skating are now going to embrace it and are now going to give them facilities and give them opportunities. And skateboarding will be just as commonplace in those countries as soccer. And so I think that the new generation is very lucky in that sense. I wanted to teach this MasterClass because I truly wanted to pass on the qualities of skateboarding that I've seen empower people, that I've seen people take with them to their lives. And they weren't pro skaters. They maybe weren't even very good skaters, but it taught them a sense of values and a sense of perseverance that was to their advantage much later in life. And they always credit skateboarding for that. [MUSIC PLAYING] I hope that the lesson people take away in this class is that you are capable of so much more than you imagine. And if you can just see it through, if you can persevere through adversity, through great challenges, even injury, you can go on to accomplish things you never imagined. You can go on to do things that you'll be immensely proud of that you never expected to accomplish. And it can give you a great sense of self-confidence that maybe you didn't know you had. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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A pro at 14 and the first to land a 900 at the X Games, Tony Hawk is one of the most influential skateboarders of all time. Now he’s helping you take your skateboarding to the next level. Joined by pros Lizzie Armanto and Riley Hawk, Tony teaches you beginner, intermediate, and advanced tricks in street, park, and vert. Learn how to push yourself, get up when you fall, and find your own style. Start reaching new heights.

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Tony Hawk

Legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk teaches you how to take your skateboarding to the next level, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

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