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Will Wright

Lesson time 01:40 min

Will ends his class encouraging you to use your new toolset, outlook, and approach to create something innovative and surprising.

Will Wright
Teaches Game Design and Theory
Collaboration, prototyping, playtesting. The Sims creator Will Wright breaks down his process for designing games that unleash player creativity.
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Learn the art and science of game design with Will Wright, the mind behind SimCity and The Sims. In this game design class, Will teaches you how to create games that empower players and unleash their imagination. You’ll develop a tool set for understanding player psychology, as well as learn Will’s approach to generating and pitching ideas, prototyping, playtesting, and building a community.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

This whole class was fascinating. I was unfamiliar with Will but grew up playing Sim City on the early Mac. It was fun, getting a behind the scenes view of video games. I guess I liked the world building aspect of it the most, and when he helped the two game designers with their projects.

This just might be the first course that I take again. It was that good. Well done Mr. Wright. Thank you.

Absolutely ACE insights in Game Design - Invaluable for my own projects in game design - Wait for it!

Lessons close to life. Everything Will has brought up in the lectures are real. Thanks for sharing the first-hand experiences. I can definitely borrow the jewels in games design to my line of working field.


Alan B.

Really enjoyed the course! Great to see your game design journey and benefit from all your advice, knowledge and experience. Thank you for sharing!

Kevin-Brandon C.

Hi Will! If you are reading this I am host of podcast and would love to have you on the podcast!

A fellow student

So anyone here applying what Will explained? I did, your system design class was amazing and it helped a ton to brake through some issues I was having on my game development, also your prototyping lesson was super useful too. Thanks Master!

Wilfried D.

As someone who has worked on strategic consulting programs and building entrepreneurship and innovation networks, this was a very inspirational course to work towards integrating more gaming elements into my work and see myself also as a designer of interaction systems

Ganbayar G.

Thank you Will for your class. Incredible job on this. I loved playing the Sims whenever it first launched.

A fellow student

Will did an incredible job. His process on how he learns and creates games is fascinating and relatable! Such deep insight into how a true craftsman does his work is rare.


Best game design course by far! Not only because of the great admiration I have for Will!

A fellow student

I really enjoy your class Will, not only the useful advice you give in order to think in the right way but also to see what kind of person you are and not feel alone doing this, some of us don't have a close community around and I often feel crazy with the decision of being a game developer. But thanks to classes like this one believe it or not I don't feel so alone.

Guilherme N.

Will Wright, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and thoughts. I really appreciated it, and I wish I can make a very meaningful and enjoyable game, just like the ones you did.

Renee M.

I was surprised to find this course highly relevant to my work. I recently co-authored the book The Physics of Brand and worked with my team to create a systems simulation demonstrating how brands move through space and time in people's memories and how that leads to brand value and observed behavior. We used network theory in our simulation. I was imprinted on Forrester's Systems Dynamics work forty years ago. I had hoped we could turn our model into a multi-person online game to help players get a deeper understanding of how brands work. The investment was more than I could handle. Wish we had had Will's know-how and team behind us. Thank you for sharing your passions. They connected with me.