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Final Thoughts

Will Wright

Lesson time 01:40 min

Will ends his class encouraging you to use your new toolset, outlook, and approach to create something innovative and surprising.

Will Wright
Teaches Game Design and Theory
Collaboration, prototyping, playtesting. The Sims creator Will Wright breaks down his process for designing games that unleash player creativity.
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Learn the art and science of game design with Will Wright, the mind behind SimCity and The Sims. In this game design class, Will teaches you how to create games that empower players and unleash their imagination. You’ll develop a tool set for understanding player psychology, as well as learn Will’s approach to generating and pitching ideas, prototyping, playtesting, and building a community.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I watched quite a bit of this with my son's when they came over for their Sunday visit. They both enjoyed watching as CSE majors at OSU.

I've been working on a game concept for more than 20 years. I've finally started visualizing how it'll actually play. This class and other research I've performed have given me ideas on how to begin prototyping various aspects of the game. Thank you Will!

The first thing I want to do is review the 500 lines of notes I took during the class. Hearing Will Wright talk about specific examples from so many of his games is such a great opportunity that I'm thankful you have made available in this class!

This class has validated the concepts and principles I adhere in my creative work


A fellow student

Thank you Will. I really like your approach, very methodic and grounded in the reality that surrounds you with still the willingness to tackle new area and topics for your design. I enjoyed hearing stuff like "player centered", "experience", "research", "pluridisciplinary"... I work in a learning service for a video game company, and I really vibe with almost everything you said. The back and forth with the Sims (which got me into gaming in the first place) and your other productions was very interesting, although I would have liked to go a bit deeper in every topic. Very cool course, very interesting speaker! I recommend it!

Jared S.

I enjoyed learning about design, this a great courser for getting an understanding of not only game design but importance of story and design elements. A lot of useful tips for any designers who focuses on stories in general.

Kim D.

I'm a writer, and I've been trying to write a game designer character, and this helps me to understand the world in which that character would operate. It helps me to understand how she would think and how her days would look and feel. I am also profoundly struck by how very quickly the world of the designer is changing. Thank you, Will Wright.


I really want to show you my game and get some advice, how can i contact you personally? im Daniel Grossman @daniel_grossman_dux <Thank></you>

John S. K.

This is easily one of the best lessons on navigating career development, building & growing companies, and even life! Thank you Will!


this class i learn a lot about play, game theory and it helps me to build my foundation toward design my first game

A fellow student

You really get your money's worth here. The volume and quality of information is very high here. It almost mandates a repeat review of Wills class again. He is a fast talker, and I feel some topics could be explored to a greater degree if this was taught at a university style format. If I was an aspiring game designer with a great idea, it would be worth hiring Will to sit down with me and my prototypes, if only for a couple hours.

Yonatan R.

I have been fascinated by game design for many years. Being able to tap into the mind and experience of one of the most important game designers in the world is a real treat.

Surath K.

I really like this lesson. It opens the world of game design to me since there is nothing like this in my country. It's so similar to what I'm doing as the chief of product at my own startup. Love it.

Ravi B.

A lot of thought processes that Will expressed as his own, are actually the ones that most of us game designers have while designing our first game. And it's comforting to know that we are in the right direction :) Did end up learning a few tips and tricks that I'd definitely adapt in my process. Absolutely loved the session. Ooh Laa Laa!