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Creating Stylish and Functional Spaces

Corey Damen Jenkins

Lesson time 09:12 min

The key to developing as a designer is to discover your own personal style. Corey teaches you how to look to the fashion world to inspire your design and then how to incorporate fashion concepts into a visionary mood board for your projects.

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Topics include: The Entryway · The Living Room · The Kitchen · The Main Bedroom · The Kids’ Bedroom · The Home Office


[MUSIC PLAYING] - So my core focus when it comes to interior design is making sure that every space I create is like a jewel box, that it really performs well in terms of function, but it's also satisfying and beautiful to look at. And that's what I want for you. I want you to approach each room individually as a opportunity to make something amazing. It's really important to consider what each room's functionality is because that's the main goal of an interior designer is to design the space. And when you're spending your own money or someone else's money, who has money to waste? So approach it with a certain level of respect, dignity, and seriousness. [MUSIC PLAYING] So I look at entryways as the appetizer for a meal. It really does give your guests, and your family, and friends. The first fore-gleam, if you will, of what's to come. It gives them an opportunity to see what your personality is from the very beginning. So no matter how large or small your entryway is, make it count. It could be a great wall covering. It could be a gorgeous mirror. It could be some meaningful artwork or something else that speaks to who you are or your family's heritage. Whatever the case may be, make that statement in your entryway count for something meaningful. Because people, when they come into a foyer, it's amazing. They may forget a lot of what is in your house. But for some reason, people don't seem to forget what's in your foyer. I guess they call it first impressions. You know, they mean something for a reason. [MUSIC PLAYING] What I consider to be essential for living rooms is really strong space planning. I think that furniture and how is placed in a living room is absolutely essential to the function of the space and for the enjoyment of the space. I think that's one area where a lot of people make mistakes. Living rooms need to be given great consideration as to space planning. Where will the flat screen TV hang? Is that the focal point or is conversation, and playing games, and spending wholesome time together? Is that the main goal of the room? Whatever the case may be, the furniture layout, how it is planned, should be cognizant of those activities. And that way, you're getting the very best out of that living room space. [MUSIC PLAYING] So kitchens are obviously noted as the heart of the home. And I do believe that because that's where all the food is. Everyone comes to the kitchen because that's where we're going to eat. And so there's a lot of opportunity to make the kitchen a fantastic space that people want to hang out in, and have some great conversations, and make some great memories. Pay attention to how you decorate the backsplash and the countertops. Maybe you go for a furniture styled island in the center of the space and make that your wow factor. Or perhaps it's the range and the hood that you use to make that the statement maker in the kitchen. Maybe it's just lightin...

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Considered one of the most prominent interior designers working today, Corey Damen Jenkins creates elevated spaces for clients across the globe and believes everyone should have access to great design. Now he’s teaching you how to build bold, functional interiors on any budget. From mood boards to space planning, learn how to embrace the design process, make choices with confidence, and turn your home into a true haven.

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Corey Damen Jenkins

Acclaimed interior designer Corey Damen Jenkins shows you how to make bold, functional interiors on any budget—from mood boards to space planning.

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