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Finding Your Light

Corey Damen Jenkins

Lesson time 12:14 min

The right combination of lighting can make or break your space. Corey breaks down the three categories of lighting in any space and also brings out some of his favorite statement pieces: sconces.

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Topics include: Lighting Fixtures · Illuminating Your Space · Statement Fixtures: Sconces


[MUSIC PLAYING] - Lighting is absolutely essential in interior design decoration because the wrong lighting fixtures and the wrong combination of lighting can actually kill that which you've worked so hard to achieve with your decoration process. There are three different categories of light that are used any space, commercially or residentially-- ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. In this portion of our class, we're going to investigate each of those categories and see how you can use them in your own interior design decoration process. [MUSIC PLAYING] So now I'm going to give you some examples of ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting. Let's go through our stack here. First of all, this is a great example of what we call task lighting. Why is that? Most likely, this fixture is over a bathroom mirror. So again, this is about functionality. You need to see yourself when you're shaving, putting on makeup. So this fixture is very important for the day to day function or that task. So when you think about the categories again, the name of the category is task lighting-- is all about what is the task at hand? And how can lighting support you in activating that daily task? This is another example of task lighting. Imagine this being a kitchen island where you're chopping up some good food for preparation for your dinner. And you need focused lighting on that surface to produce your meal. These pendants can come down and produce, again, just enough light to do your job in prepping for your meal. Another example of task lighting is seen here with these steps. Imagine going outside of someone's home and tripping and falling because it's so dark, you can't see where you're walking. So these light fixtures here are lining the stairwell to produce what we consider task lighting. So the task is basically walking to safety. And they play a critical role in getting to that point. And then finally, another example of task lighting is seen here with this undermounted LED fixture in this kitchen cabinetry. You can see here that this is basically put in place to highlight the countertop-- again, for food prep or other necessities. But again, it's there more for function than for look. But with the right type of temperature as far as the light fixture, and then, of course, the backsplash, it can also provide a great decorative moment as well. Now let's consider some examples of ambient lighting. As I mentioned earlier, ambient lighting has a very wide range of members in this category, so I'm going to take you through them one by one. One that is probably most familiar to people is the sconce. Decorative wall sconces produce great light in a space, and they are closer to eye level, depending upon the style of the sconce and the space and the ceiling height of the room. But they're designed basically to bring a nice, warm glow to the wall. And there are so many varieties out there, and...

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Considered one of the most prominent interior designers working today, Corey Damen Jenkins creates elevated spaces for clients across the globe and believes everyone should have access to great design. Now he’s teaching you how to build bold, functional interiors on any budget. From mood boards to space planning, learn how to embrace the design process, make choices with confidence, and turn your home into a true haven.

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Corey Damen Jenkins

Acclaimed interior designer Corey Damen Jenkins shows you how to make bold, functional interiors on any budget—from mood boards to space planning.

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