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Customizing Your Window Treatments

Corey Damen Jenkins

Lesson time 18:04 min

Using shades and drapery from his own projects, Corey breaks down the main types of window treatments and gives students his five steps for choosing the best window treatment for each space.

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Topics include: Shades vs. Blinds · Roller Shades · Draperies vs. Curtains · Pleated Drapery · Grommeted Drapery · Drapery Hardware · Measure, Measure, and Measure Again


[MUSIC PLAYING] - Windows deserve special treatment because they can be among the most costly aspects of interior design decoration. People have different needs when it comes to windows. They need privacy, they need light, and there are a million different options out there in the marketplace to address those needs. So what I want you to do is to become very comfortable with the different types of window treatments that are out there so that you know what is best for your home or for your client. So in this part of the lesson, I want to take you through the different types of window treatments that are out there. We're going to get very in-depth on the type of terminology that is used. I do hear people mixing terminologies. We're going to correct that because to do this successfully to be taken seriously, you need to know your terminology. So we're going to go through all of that. And of course, most importantly, the different types of applications that you need to use when addressing the window treatment need. Let's go through my five steps of knowing the right window treatments for your space. So the first step is to understand the types of window treatments that are available to you. So let's go over the four basic categories. Number one, draperies. Number two, curtains. Number three, shades. And the fourth category are blinds. And it's really important to understand the difference between those four different animals. So the second step is understanding your space. What are the needs of this room that you're decorating? Is it a kitchen where you have a window above the sink and you just need some curtains to kind of bring in or take out some natural light? Is it a bedroom where you need privacy? Is it a bathroom where you need some light to come in, but again, some privacy? There's a treatment for every type of window out there. Just knowing your types and being judicious with your decision making can help you come to the right choice. So number three, don't forget your choices. There are so many different ways you can make window treatments a real wow factor in a space. Now, obviously, form should follow function. But if you have the space for it, you can certainly bring in tassels and bullion and trim and sashes and tiebacks. There's just so many things out there in the marketplace that you can use to really make your windows a thing of art in a space, if that does fit your design vision. The fourth thing I want you to take into account are the sheer possibilities. Sheers can certainly play a big role in a space. They can be light filtering. They can be great for allowing a measure of privacy while still allowing some light to come in. Often, I will take some great sheers and then layer on top of them a more heavier fabric for drapery. It depends upon what your needs are. But some people like having the choice of having light come in and yet not letting their neighbors see them in their spaces. So you do...

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Considered one of the most prominent interior designers working today, Corey Damen Jenkins creates elevated spaces for clients across the globe and believes everyone should have access to great design. Now he’s teaching you how to build bold, functional interiors on any budget. From mood boards to space planning, learn how to embrace the design process, make choices with confidence, and turn your home into a true haven.

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Corey Damen Jenkins

Acclaimed interior designer Corey Damen Jenkins shows you how to make bold, functional interiors on any budget—from mood boards to space planning.

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