Exercise: Asking for a Raise

Daniel Pink

Lesson time 08:59 min

Working with a counterpart in a real-time demonstration, Daniel shows you the best way to manage subordinates and how to get that raise you’ve been hoping for.

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Topics include: Make Your Boss's Life Easier · Hear Offers In Rejection · Push Yourself


[00:00:00.00] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:00:07.24] - In almost every organization, there is at least some hierarchy. And when you look at where people are positioned in organization, some people are higher, and some people are lower. It doesn't mean the people here are better people than the people here. It just means that, at that moment, in that context, they have more power. [00:00:25.24] And power plays an enormous role in persuasion. So the way you persuade up is very different from the way you persuade laterally or down. And so in persuading up, you really have to be super strategic and super intentional about how you're doing things. No matter where you are in the course of your life, you want to be the one directing it, you want to be the one making improvements. [00:00:47.80] You don't want to be controlled by somebody else. And so if you're able to manage up in an organization, you're going to get more work done, you're going to get better work done, and you're going to contribute a lot more to the world. [00:00:59.10] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:01:04.60] For these exercises, I have a partner who's going to work through these exercises with me. And we're going to, together, draw out some of the lessons. We're going to learn how to manage up, and in particular, how to ask for a raise. And joining me for this is Drake. I'm going to play a restaurant owner. Drake is going to play a waiter, a very good waiter at my restaurant. But Drake wants to make a little more money. So Drake is going to ask me for a raise. So let's see how this goes. You ready, Drake? [00:01:35.05] - Yes. [00:01:35.44] - OK. Hey, Drake. [00:01:37.18] - How you doing? [00:01:38.44] - You know what? I'm busy and beleaguered, like every restaurant owner in the world. [00:01:41.95] - I see. This won't take long. [00:01:43.46] - OK, good. [00:01:43.90] - I've just been here at the company for five years. I have positive reviews with our customers. [00:01:48.43] - Oh, yeah, I know that. [00:01:49.48] - And I took it upon myself, while the manager was gone last month, to do the scheduling for some of our staff workers and increase the attendance 85%. I just think it would be in the best interest, since I've been here for this long, to possibly ask for a raise. [00:02:04.00] - Yeah, I hear-- I totally hear where you're coming from. And we love having you here. But here's the thing. Money is tight. We've got a lot of competition. I'm in a very low-margin business. And it's really tough for us to give raises right now. [00:02:18.16] - Do you know when will be the best time to-- [00:02:22.18] - Hard for me to say. I mean, we would have to, you know-- maybe we can revisit this later on. But for now, it's just really not in the cards. We don't have the budget for that. [00:02:31.93] - I understand. [00:02:33.37] - OK, so, Drake, that didn't go all that well for you, did it? [00:02:37.18] - No, not at all. [00:02:39.12] - And what I did is kind of hustle you out relatively qu...

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