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Fruit Tart Finishing: Modern Apple Presentation

Dominique Ansel

Lesson time 12:42 min

Chef Dominique demonstrates his creative methods for piping pastry cream and peeling apples, as well as how to incorporate color and pattern to assemble an apple tart that is as visually arresting as it is delicious.

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Topics include: Apple Tart Assembly & Presentation


When I think of decorating pastry, I always look outside of the pastry world. I always talk about contrasts in food-- contrasts of textures, contrasts of flavors, but also, contrasts of colors. Decorating a tart or finishing something is like putting makeup on. You don't want to put too much. You don't want to overdo it. The type of rendition that I like is always going to be modern-- a nice ombre of color, thin slice, and beautifully presented. Holiday season is one of my favorite time of the year. At the bakery, we do hundreds and hundreds of pies. There is so many chefs in the kitchen. And we're so busy. Every fridge is full. And the time of the year where we have a lot of apples. Everyone's peeling apples. And everyone's trying to go as fast as they could. And this is when I start thinking to myself that there's tools that could help us peeling apples faster. This is not something conventional that I'm going to show you-- something a little creative that I've made on my own. If you are going to do it at home, just be careful. So essentially, I took an apple peeler-- a classic one with the handle. I removed the handle and I put a power drill on the back. So for this always cool apple peeler, usually, we crank the handle, and we turn it very slowly. I decided to add a power drill on the back to go much faster. When the team first saw me doing this, they thought I was crazy, that I was going to hurt myself. And of course, you've got to be very careful with this. You got to start very slow in the beginning to get it to catch on the peeler. And then you can go really fast. And you get your apple peeled very quickly. Here we go. Just less than three seconds. I'm a little messier. But of course, keep it clean at home. A strawberry tart might be a little bit classical. But I want to show you a fun way of using tools to finish this apple tart, and also, a fun way of decorating it. So when I think of decorating pastry, I always look outside of the pastry world. And in that case, pottery-- pottery art is something I'm fascinated with. And today, I've brought this pottery wheel. I'm going to show you a fun way of decorating an apple tart. We're going to start with our tart shell that is blind bake. and put the pastry cream on the bottom. So this pastry cream can easily be flavored with cinnamon, which goes very well for the holiday season with apple. And you can also do an apple compote or apple butter that goes on the bottom of the tart shell. So once we have our cream-- our pastry cream-- that fill the entire tart shell, we're going to place it in the center of the wheel. So here, I've prepared ahead of time just some whipped cream at 10% to 20% of sugar, depending on how you like it. I placed it in the piping bag. And I have a really fun tip. So this tip is called a tip. is a French classical cake that is finished with this strange tip that is-- that looks almost like a plain ...

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