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Dominique Ansel

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Meet your new instructor: James Beard Award-winning pastry chef Dominique Ansel. Step into Chef Dominique’s bakery as he shares his vision for the class—to teach you the fundamentals of pastry and a curated selection of stunning desserts.

Dominique Ansel
Teaches French Pastry Fundamentals
James Beard Award-winning pastry chef Dominique Ansel teaches his essential techniques for making delicious pastries and desserts in his first-ever online class.
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Pastry, to me, has a very emotional connection with people. We eat food because we need to feed ourselves. But dessert is always an extra. It's always something plus. People will drive very far away for good desserts. People will bring their friends, their family. It's something so simple but something so close to them and so dear to them. They want to share good food with the people they love. And I always, when I create new desserts, think of this and try to apply it into what I create. This class is not just a technical class. It is more wider, and it will open your mind to think of food differently, to think of pastry differently. I'm going to teach you the building blocks of pastry-- the base, the filling, and then the finishing. I'm going to teach you how to put everything together and also how to be creative and, with a simple recipe, make something beautiful. Today, we're going to make a strawberry tart, an apple tart, some little chocolate bonbon. Bonbon are little bites of chocolate filled with a ganache. We're going to make some croissants-- which are not always easy to make, but I'll get you through it-- a chocolate cake, and also, one of my favorite, the miniature Madeleines. I chose those recipes because they are simple. They are easy to make at home, and they are still very flexible. You can be really creative by having just a few ingredients, a few basic recipe, and think a little bit out of the box. These are also many of the recipes that I test my chefs on. Before bringing a sous chef and pastry chef on board with my team, I always ask them to do a testing for me. So these are some of the recipe that I will ask them to do. Baking can be really daunting for people, but you should never be intimidated. Baking is about being precise, being calm, and following all the steps. Every time you have a recipe, make sure you scale everything. Make sure you have all the ingredients. Follow all the instruction one at a time, and, for sure, you'll be successful. When people ask me what I do for a living, I always tell them that I do what I love. It's not just a job. It's a way of thinking. It's a way of living to see my guests happy, smiley, to see them coming back with friends, with family, to see them sharing and asking, what's on the menu? It is, to me, the most exciting part. It is where I can really express myself creatively, and I can really connect with my guests. I love baking. I love food, and I want to share it with you. I'm Dominique Ansel, and this is my MasterClass.

The Art of French Pastry

Celebrated for his innovative twists on classic desserts, Cronut® creator and James Beard Award-winner Dominique Ansel has been called the “world’s best pastry chef.” In his MasterClass, Dominique teaches his essential techniques for perfect pastries. Learn baking and more with his precise methods, add classic recipes to your repertoire, and explore texture and flavor inspirations to delight friends and family with your own decadent desserts.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Very fun to try all this recipes and watching professionals working on then step by step.

hello, I really like the class! I need to practice and practice to improve my pastry skills! Is been a good production for master class

As I'm not a native English speaker, I used the subtitles, but often there were INAUDIBLE for some of his words, and for the most part, I could understand them, for instance when he was talking about the biscuit, everytime he said 'biscuit' it would be an "inaudible word'. So, maybe improve the subtitles... Also, maybe more of the troubleshooting section on the other classes would've been great.

From the croissant to the meringue different types I learned a lot. I am used to bake meringue for Pavlova, using what I thought was Italian meringue with a soft core, and Dominique Ansel shows this Swiss meringue and discusses the differences in the cookbook, I just had a some kind of epiphany. I am so enthralled by this course that I want to experiment everything right away!


Jenn H.

What an incredible class. I work in a bakery and I've taken the skills taught in this class to work with me. What a difference it has made in my work. Let's do another one!

Ramona W.

I found out about Dominique by researching a recipe that I really wanted to try. Cannele de Bordeaux. When I try a recipe, I want to have all the ingredients (even if I have to look for the original ingredient sources) and the proper equipment. I reached out to my French Foreign Exchange student to help me find the Cannele molds and he sent me a beautiful set! I couldn't even find these anywhere! I am so proud of my molds and have successfully made the recipe several times to share with friends. I'm so excited to have found Dominique's MasterClass and can't wait to watch and learn from the BEST!

Janet T.

Times out and cannot view lesson. I notice that many others have had this problem 10 plus days and it is still not fixed??? That's a problem.

Jenny W.

So frustrating that these videos look like they're downloading but then 'times out' and none of the ones that I have opened have played! What's happening?

Ardith W.

This was The Most exciting class for me , SOinspiring , SO BEAUTIFUL, AND SOOOOOO. ANY LESSONS, Thank you soooooo much Chef! Your class was Fabalous

Urban H.

While I can cook, i've never made a piece of pasty ever or cake etc. So i'm a blank slate for learning how to up my pastry game. And this one so far is looking to be a tasty treat.

A fellow student

Excited to learn from my favorite pastry chef. His bakeries in NYC are my favorite!

A fellow student

I enjoyed the introduction, because it gives a taste of his personality and his working philosophy. I'm looking forward to seeing how it translates into practice.

R K.

Chef Dom is easy to follow and he reminds me of a GREAT mentor from my past, from culinary school OLD SCHOOL CHEF with modern day twist.

Brends E.

Hello, my name is Brenda and I live in Tallahassee Florida. I am excited about the class and cannot wait to start.