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James Suckling

Lesson time 02:00 min

James ends his class with a reminder of the key elements of wine appreciation: Be curious, be passionate, share with family and friends, and above all—don’t drink bad wine!

James Suckling
Teaches Wine Appreciation
Flavor, aroma, and structure—Learn from wine master James Suckling as he teaches you to appreciate the stories in every bottle.
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Thank you so much for taking this MasterClass with me. I hope you've enjoyed the journey. But more importantly, I hope it's enhanced your passion for wine. I hope it's given you knowledge and technique to better enjoy wine. I hope that you're out there going to vineyards. It could be Napa Valley, Washington, Italy, France. There's so many amazing places to go. It's about experience it. You taste it. You talk to the people. You read about it. And as a student, you have to go there too. And the way you can go there is first taste the wines. I hope you now feel confident enough to host your own tasting with your friends at your house, trying different wines. And discuss what a great wine is. And more importantly, share things together, special moments enhanced by special bottles. If you don't already have a wine collection, start thinking about it. Everyone can have one. It can be 10 bottles. It can be 1,000 bottles. That's what's fun about wine, finding that special bottle, leaving it in your cellar, and watching the magic happen as it changes with each year. Remember that the journey with wine never ends. Thank you for taking this journey with me. And thank you for taking the MasterClass. Remember, drink great wine, love wine, savor the moment. Thanks again. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Discover the story in every bottle

Called one of the “world’s most powerful wine critics,” James Suckling has tasted more than 200,000 wines over the past 40 years. In his wine tasting MasterClass, James tours legendary Tuscan vineyards and teaches you to explore the stories, history, and people behind every bottle. Deepen your knowledge of the properties in each sip, cultivate your passion, and choose, order, and pair wines with confidence.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Takes the pretension out of wine appreciating. Teaches most important fundamentals to be built upon through individual explorations.

unable to download half the lesson pdfs, tried reloading etc , doesnt work

This class produced an excitement about wine. It was a great learning experience, but I feel the most important take away from it was that it left me with an overwhelming desire to open a bottle after every lessen.

It has somewhat improved my appreciation for wine and gave good pointers to organize my own wine tasting sessions


A fellow student

This Masterclass was interesting for letting us see how a famous wine critic works and the kind of things he notices in a wine. However, I missed some practical tips. For example, if I want to buy and try drinking wine today in my home, what temperature should I serve it? They say wine that's too cold is only for bad wine, but what temperature is to be used for good wine? Is it different between white, red and rosé? What kind of glasses? If I can't drink it all in one seating, how do I conserve it longer? Or does he think wine will go bad after I open it and I should just try to drink it all? Things like that.

A fellow student

Loved this Masterclass. I really enjoyed it and got to know the wine world a bit more. I would love to have more wine-related Master classes

Ronald M.

As a certified sommelier, I relished the opportunity to gain insights from James Suckling, a true icon of the wine trade. I enjoyed seeing his tasting technique and his rating process. Above all, I appreciated his passion. The blind tasting he conducted for his students was especially interesting. How I would have loved a seat at THAT table!

Edmund T.

James gives very practical tips on wine appreciation, choosing wines and wine pairing with food. He also shares a lot of his experience as a wine taster and the important things to look out for when tasting wine. Personally I feel the lessons are very straight to the point and I really like it. Hopefully there will be more lessons from him in MasterClass.

Simon C.

Loved it!! Thank you James & family. Insightful, simple to follow and some really accessible tips to enjoy my experience with wine! Thank you

Lilly P.

I loved it! No previous knowledge about wine so I enjoyed every lesson it was great! Now I feel confident to have a conversation about wine, to buy my own bottle and to start my own collection.

Anna M.

As a beginner, I thought this class was great. Very well structured, beautifully filmed. I enjoyed learning the basics and the etiquette of tasting, different grapes, aromas and finishes, the intricacy of wine making process, food pairing.. I'm inspired to learn more and also to start my own little wine collection :) Thank you so much, James!

Eduard S.

I, unfortunately, have to admit that this lesson was very low level. I was expecting at least upper intermediate. Very Italy (and France) oriented, there are much more wine states with EXCELLENT wine - Spain, Austria, Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Balcan states and more... to mention just the European states. (Totally missing the other parts of the world) And even the whole Italian picture was missing so much. I was missing part about opening of the wine. - how to behave. I was missing part about etiquette - at least how to hold the glass. I was missing the true Italian perspective, Italians have much more to say, not just "Do you like red or white wine?" This Masterclass is for people without any knowledge of wine so they will be happy they are buying their Pinot Grigio. Positives: Great camera, production, graphics.

Danielle G.

I felt this class was missing clear steps for how to taste evaluate/ wine, particularly regarding the 100-point scoring system. Like what does 15 points versus 14 points mean for “color”? Does that mean you thought it was a prettier color? The meaning of the scoring system really wasn’t explained at all, other than saying anything above 90 is something James likes. That tells people nothing about what the wine tastes or looks like.

Alex H.

I found the series very well produced and it was fun to sit in on the discussion with some famed producers from Tuscany. While the series and the episodes are too succinct to make the student a comfortably knowledgeable in a topic as complex and intricate as wine, it does serve as a good platform for a beginner to begin exploration intelligently, and if he/she is good about using the book and conducting the tastings along with the videos it should be a very educational process.