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Meet the Maker: An Introduction

James Suckling

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Every bottle has a story. Meet the maker behind the historic Marchesi Antinori, and learn about the winemaking family's role in creating the legendary Super Tuscan Tignanello.

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I've met winemakers all over the world. But because we're having an immersive Tuscan wine journey, I wanted to extend that privilege to you in meeting a winemaker whose family has been making wine since the 1300s, and who is arguably the most famous wine family in Italy. And now at the mantle is Albiera Antinori. Could you tell us how this all fits into the context of your family making wines for 600 years? - We have a very long history. I mean, sometimes, when I wake up in the morning, I think, my god, I mean, it's kind of a-- not a burden, but something that we have to respect and we have to keep on going ahead, teaching our children, making sure that the land that we've had, we received from our ancestors, that we take care of it. I think there are a number of reasons why all of this is still here. It's the values. It's the passion. It's the interest. It's the respect for the land. And then there is also a bit of luck that, for so many generations, this has come across and arrived at our days. - But your wines from this particular estate, particularly Tignanello has a special part of your story, a part of all of Italy-- the revolution in winemaking, modern wines. Tell us about that. - Well, Tignanello, for our winery, has it represented really the change of Step first vintage was '71. It was a moment where wines from this area were produced more for quantity than for quality. It was made really not with the objective of long-lasting, of great wines. So my father and grandfather decided to help the Sangiovese with some foreign varieties, in the case of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, plant it in a different way, make something that would be well-represented here with a piece of land that was there. So when this wine came out, it bared the name of the vineyard, which was unusual. And it made everybody realize that this area really could produce international class wines. I mean, it was like ringing a bell and saying, hello, we're here. This is our land. This is our history. So it was really a moment of great enthusiasm and great demonstration of what this part of the world really could produce. - So when people tasting Tignanello, what do you think they should be looking for? - Well, the pure quality is always what there has to be in a great wine, I mean, at absolute level. Having the Sangiovese as the main variety, it represents, really, our tradition. Tignanello is really a wine that has a taste that is recognizable across the vintages and across the years because it's that piece of land, this estate that gives wines that are elegant, at the same time powerful, that are silky, and that there is a very distinctive nose in it that really is recognizable always, because it's the terroir. Then there is a mix of Sangiovese for the tradition and Cabernet for the innovation. So it's just something that works well together. And it really makes this wine unique, together with its brother, Solaia, which is ...

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