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Goodby’s Rules for Creative Vandalism

Jeff Goodby & Rich Silverstein

Lesson time 7:05 min

Advertising is like vandalism, says Jeff. He shares his rules for creative vandalism, including: don’t copy, steal; run toward fire; and seek out fame.

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Topics include: 1. Don't Copy. Steal. • 2. Part of Your Job Is Not to Do Your Job • 3. Run Toward Fire • 4. Seek Out Fame • 5. Share The CMO's Foxhole


[MUSIC PLAYING] - A while back, I had a speech to make. And I wanted to do something that was interesting to people, you know, that were just coming into the business, and created a certain expectation. I thought back to when I was a kid. And me and my friend Alec would, like, smash pumpkins and throw eggs at Mr. Mastretta's house that was a white house at night. And we loved the feeling of going out, and seeing it there the next day. Like, you know, look at that. We smashed the crap out of that pumpkin all over the guy's front porch, you know? It was, like, awesome to see it the next day. And I thought, that's kind of what advertising is, you know? You should be that excited about doing it. It should feel kind of naughty and, like, it's the middle of the night, and you're doing this thing, and it's going to be unleashed on the world tomorrow. And you should look forward to that moment when it's unleashed, you know? So in that sense, advertising is like vandalism. It's, like, loud, in your face, and it's still there the next day. That's why it's like vandalism. When I talk about vandalism, I talk about how there are rules for vandalism and rules for creativity. And of course, there are not really rules for creativity. But here are the rules. [MUSIC PLAYING] Number one is don't copy. Steal. OK, what does that mean? It actually comes from Picasso, I think, who said, amateurs copy, artists steal. So be aware of things around you. I mean, one day, Dan Wieden told me the story-- and I think it's been published-- about how "just do it" came about. And he said, you know, I'm just racking my brain for a tagline for Nike. And one day, I'm reading this story about this guy, Gary Gilmore, in Utah, who's a murderer. And he's about to be given the electric chair. And they ask him if he has any last words. And he says, just do it. And I went, damn, that would be a good tagline. So sometimes, the thing is just lying there. And you have to, like, notice that it's there. That's stealing. But you know, you'll get credit for it in the end. [MUSIC PLAYING] Number two, part of your job is not to do your job. So I'm so old that I actually met David Ogilvy on a couple of occasions, a famous advertising guy. He came to the office, and I was just, like, a little cub copywriter. And he was sitting all by himself in this room, in this office that they'd given him. And everybody was afraid to talk to him. So I'd been a reporter. Like, I'll talk to anybody. So I went in there. And I said, hi, Mr. Ogilvy. I'm a young copywriter here. And he said, do you have any cigarettes? And I said, oh, I'll get some. So I ran out, got cigarettes, came back, gave him cigarettes. And he smoked a couple of cigarettes while we talked. I actually saved one of those cigarette butts and had it on my wall for-- it said, you know, cigarette actually smoked by David Ogilvy, and it had the date. Anyway, so I had that in my office as inspiration for a l...

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