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The Super Bowl

Jeff Goodby & Rich Silverstein

Lesson time 9:25 min

The Super Bowl is still the holy grail of advertising. Jeff and Rich tell you why and share how their groundbreaking ads for E*TRADE got made. GS&P CCO Margaret Johnson walks you through two ads in production for Super Bowl 2020.

Jeff Goodby & Rich Silverstein
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[MUSIC PLAYING] - We have, over time, learned not to necessarily pin all of our hopes on the Super Bowl, like people used to do, but it's big. - It's big. - I mean, come on, it's the most famous thing that you do. - The stakes are so high. JEFF GOODBY: Yeah. - It's so expensive. The CMO's job is on the line. - Yeah. - Oh, my god. Everything is elevated. The spots are expensive. The media is expensive. And the public is the largest public on the planet. - And there's a great thing that happens, I think. I've always drawn the distinction between advertising that you kind of see all by yourself, like a print ad or something, or nowadays something online that you're zooming through, and you see it, and you're lonely, and you go, like, oh, that's interesting, and something you know everybody is looking at right now at the same time-- - Collective. - --as you are at the exact same moment. It's awesome. - Yeah. - I mean, if you can't get into that, then you shouldn't be in advertising. - It better be good. - That is what's fun. - It's the Roman-- - Yeah. - --Colosseum. It's-- - Yeah. - --up or down. And it's down? - Ooh, that's bad. - --jobs, everything's bad. - It's in front of everybody. - Yeah. - It goes down in front of everybody. [MUSIC PLAYING] - I don't know if I can say this on-camera, but it used to be hit in the nuts, everyone laughed. That was the Super Bowl idea. - (LAUGHS) - But it's got to be more than that. - We had really big success with E-Trade, like, three-- RICH SILVERSTEIN: Yeah, there you go. - --or four years running. - E-Trade riffed off the idea that Super Bowl spots are very expensive. So at the time, it was $2 million. Now it's, like, 4, 5-- - More. - --and more. What do I know? [MUSIC PLAYING] And we had a monkey dancing with two characters in a garage. [SPANISH SINGING] RICH SILVERSTEIN: They certainly couldn't keep to the beat very well. - (SINGING) Cha-cha-cha. RICH SILVERSTEIN: And at the end, we said, we just wasted $2 million. What are you going to do with your money? I mean, my god, it's so right for that product. - I was at a-- - (LAUGHS) - This shows you how popular culture works. I was at a party of lawyers when that commercial played. And people were watching it, just scratching their heads. I could see them going, like, what the hell is this? Why are these three guys on the Super Bowl? - Yeah. - These people are wasting their money, like, millions of dollars a second. And when that line came on at the end, we just wasted $2 million, they went nuts. - Yeah. - That's what you want. And then subsequent years, we did more outrageous things for E-Trade. We did something with an emergency room, where the emergency room doctors are saying that this man who's come in-- - He's got money coming out the wazoo. - And that's just that...

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Opened my mind enough to foster an examination of how I think and feel, how I perceive the world as it changes more and more as each year passes. Encouraged a welcoming stance toward the new in all aspects of life.

I now have a clearer understanding of what marketing is and how to do it.

i am currentky working on an ad for a car company and was looking for inspiration, and advise so I don't fall into silly mistakes.

This was awesome - it made me want to get out of the box. also might have to see if I can get an internship ;)


Ian S.

Also, would love to understand the timelines a bit better. How far out do you start discussing Super Bowl spots with a client. In a spot like the Doritos Sam Elliot/Little Nas X spot, do you approach the celebs first, and then pitch the concept to the client once you have a reasonable expectation that you may be able to get them? Or the other way around? Also, how is a budget for something like this determined?

Ian S.

I'd love to understand the nuts and bolts a little better. When they say "expensive," what does that mean? How much does the agency make, how much does the physical production cost, how much does the media buy cost?


Getting an inside look at the making of a Super Bowl commercial, from one of the greatest ad agencies in the world? Priceless.

Allison F.

These guys are everything I love. Funny, clever, for real, entertaining and totally NOT BORING! I love this course. I am a writer, I will probably never (never say never) work in advertising, but you never know. However I live in this country and I am watching listening and reading advertising every damn day of my life since 1952 or whenever I became aware of it. My dad created his own company and was an early brander. I think these guys are powerful and terrific and I enjoy every lesson thoroughly. Plus, it is giving many ideas for my novels.


Literally thought the only way that horse could do that, was if it was animated, so...mind blown that a horse can do that!