Mobility Workout

Joe Holder

Lesson time 31:00 min

The mobility workout uses basic motions like squatting, twisting, pressing, and pulling in various directions to improve wellness. Joe explains what “tissue flossing” is and how it’s his secret to improved mobility.

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[MUSIC PLAYING] HOST: Mobility workouts are a great way of improving your core biomotor skills. Basic human body motions like squatting, twisting, pressing, and pulling in various directions are essential to wellness. We all sit too much, and that's OK, whether it be at our jobs, in our cars, on the couch. So these basic motions aren't practice as much as we might like. I have a concept called tissue flossing to help alleviate that. By moving various muscles through specific ranges of motion, we can effectively floss the muscle fibers, I like to say, adding resilience and flexibility. I'll be showing how to floss vital muscle sets in each circuit of this mobility workout. So the equipment that you'll need for the mobility work out really is just a foam roll and a yoga mat. The foam roll will just be used, really, just as a part of the warm up before we get into our circuits. So even if you don't have a foam roll, you could technically still do this workout. This workout is great for all levels, no matter if you are an expert or you're an absolute beginner. Also the intensity level is low. I like to take a high-low approach sometimes to working out. All your workouts don't need to be intense, they just need to have a purpose. And low intensity has a purpose as well. So that's why mobility is great for. So just pay attention, understand how your body feels. And a key, key aspect is don't force it. Don't force anything, all right? So let's stay comfortable, and let's just stay plugged in. [MUSIC PLAYING] OK, we're going to get to our warm up for this mobility circuit. What you're going to need, we're going to need this foam roll. So I'm going to show you real quick, essentially an expedited way to hit some key areas utilizing the foam roll. So we're going to place that roam roll under the mid-back, and we're going to roll it out. So we're going to be moving nice and easy, really focusing on the mid-back, not so much lower. We're really going to get behind those shoulders as well. Give yourself a little love. So we're going to be about 20 seconds here, just moving nice and light. If you find a spot that's a little bit sore, a little bit tighter, you can apply some pressure there and keep it easy. But just rolling through. I like to support my head. Just kind to get in there, OK? So after we do this for about 10 more seconds, we're going to roll onto the right side and get behind that shoulder blade. A lot of the times we lock up back there, which can cause some issues. But it feels a little bit uncomfortable as well. But that, in this case, means it's working. You just kind of ignore that area. And that's why I guess a little tight. So lay on your side. You could have both those knees bent. We're going to get right there. You'll know when you hit it. Feels good, all right. Moving through there. A little sore. So especially on those days where you just really worked hard, maybe you got a strength workout...

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Joe Holder is a nationally recognized master trainer and one of the most influential coaches in fitness and sports. Now he’s teaching you how to build the foundation for a lifetime of good health. With Joe’s holistic approach, you’ll learn how to work out for increased mobility and strength, maximize your nutrition, and build a positive mindset. Start achieving your health goals and living a more purposeful life.

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