The Ocho System: Origins and Overview

Joe Holder

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Joe breaks down The Ocho System, his overarching fitness philosophy. It’s an approach to health and wellness that includes using positive thinking, food as fuel, and effective workouts to promote a healthy life.

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Topics include: The Origins of Joe’s Wellness Theory · The Ocho System: “One Can Help Others, Others Can Help One” · Wellness Values in The Ocho System · The Ocho System Essential: Focus on YOUR Wellness Values


[MUSIC PLAYING] - My unique philosophy of wellness and fitness I'd like to say is kind of perfectly imperfect. It stems from me hitting, kind of, rock bottom and then further understanding that I can help myself and I saw that I can help others. All right, I'm here on Penn Football Media Day. Gave me the camera for the day. I'm Joe Holder, senior wide receiver, otherwise known as Ocho. JOE HOLDER: My situation was I was a college football player. I was a hard headed student, chip on his shoulder, Ivy League schools, and I had some talent to back up that attitude. We were three time All Ivy League champions while I was at Penn. Being from a family of high achievers, athletic success has always been important to me. My grandfather was a pro-baseball player in the Negro leagues, and I excelled at three sports growing up. When playing football there, I had an injury. I hurt my ankle really bad. Basically, I went through depression. Basically, I had depression. I didn't want to admit it. You think you have the world, and then something happens where it gets shaken up. Depression, I didn't want to deal with it the standard way. I was engaged in lifestyle habits that I shouldn't have been. You can guess what those are as a college kid. I was also not being honest with myself. I was sad. I was messed up. I wasn't eating the best. For the first time in my life, I had a serious traumatic experience that removed a sport, but also was making school a little bit more difficult. Actually, a crazy thing did happen. I think I was walking home from a party. I was not completely sober, I suppose, and I realized I forgot to call my dad on his birthday, right? And that's when it hit me, it was like, get your damn life together. So for me, that hit me, and I was just like, you got to get your life together. You are unhappy. You're exceedingly unhappy. You're unhappy because your body's hurting, you're emotionally messed up, and you're just constantly running. You're running from it all. And this is where I kind of realized I needed to fix my body and my emotional state if I was going to physically heal. Doctors couldn't really explain what was going on with my ankle. Some thought it was nerves. Some thought I was faking it. Others said I wouldn't be able to play again. I luckily did get a good doctor who realized what was wrong with me, but that only happened when I emotionally started to fix myself and then really understand distinct fitness practices that worked for me, so that's really where the Ocho System was founded. It was a personal health protocol. My personal fitness and wellness philosophy kind of stems off what I developed called the Ocho System, which is essentially, as one can help others, then others can help one. None of us are well until all of us are well. That could be your family. That could be your community, whatever. The Ocho System kind of stems from that, because we are all connected to eac...

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Joe Holder is a nationally recognized master trainer and one of the most influential coaches in fitness and sports. Now he’s teaching you how to build the foundation for a lifetime of good health. With Joe’s holistic approach, you’ll learn how to work out for increased mobility and strength, maximize your nutrition, and build a positive mindset. Start achieving your health goals and living a more purposeful life.

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Joe Holder

Master trainer Joe Holder teaches you his holistic approach for better workouts, more effective nutrition, and a healthier mindset.

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