Working Out Smarter AND Harder

Joe Holder

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Joe explains how working out strategically—and with an athlete’s mindset—will give you the best results.

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Topics include: The Importance of Physical Resilience · The Link Between Resilience and Maximum Effort · Work Out Strategically for Progression


[MUSIC PLAYING] JOE HOLDER: In this chapter, I'm going to explain how working out strategically and with an athlete's mindset will give you the best results. When we talk about resilience, that's basically the ability of the body to not just adapt to the imposed demand but bounce back stronger. When we build up your resilience, what we really do is we introduce you with, of course, core-based training and then shock your system. We shock you. We shock you. We shock you. We go a little bit hard so that you bounce back even better. That's what we like to call the super compensation effect. Come on. There you go. Super compensation is at the core of all resilience training. Good. Good. Good. Good. After working out, the body is fatigued by the demands of the workout. Come on. Arms straight. But the beauty is, given ample time to recover, your body actually comes back stronger than before. Just be sure to put in that maximum effort, and you'll quickly notice improvements. [MUSIC PLAYING] I want you to understand that max effort does not mean just going hard all the time. What max effort means is being plugged into your program and giving the max amount of effort that is needed for that session. You know what the max amount of effort is needed if I give you a session of I need you to have a high-quality sleep? That means I'm going to put the most effort into making sure that I have a high-quality sleep. I'm not going to work out super hard that day, right? So I'm working smart. I know if I have a high-intensity day, I'm going to put the max effort into that session. If I have a low-intensity day, me putting the max effort into a low-intensity session is making sure that I'm not going too hard. That's that core component of resilience training. We work smart, we work hard, and we understand what's necessary for the goal of that session and how that blends into our training program overall. [MUSIC PLAYING] When you're working out, you typically also do want to progress accordingly. So progression is essentially going from general to specific. That gets closer to your goals. A super-easy way of thinking about this is typically with running. When you want to get faster, you just don't keep running at the same pace. You get a general base. So say I've just been going out for nice, easy base runs, maybe 30 or 40 minutes just so I get used to time on my feet and running. Now I say, OK, I want to go-- so I want to get a little bit faster. So then maybe I'll just start to progress, right? I'll start to not just run a little bit further-- There you go. Hit it. Hit it. --but I'll start to add in specific speed work that'll work towards my goal, that'll help me progress. So instead of running 40 minutes, maybe I'll run 50 minutes, right? Instead of running at an eight-minute pace for 40 minutes, now I run at a 7:30 pace for 40 minutes. So that's really what it's about. I really want you to take i...

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Joe Holder is a nationally recognized master trainer and one of the most influential coaches in fitness and sports. Now he’s teaching you how to build the foundation for a lifetime of good health. With Joe’s holistic approach, you’ll learn how to work out for increased mobility and strength, maximize your nutrition, and build a positive mindset. Start achieving your health goals and living a more purposeful life.

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Joe Holder

Master trainer Joe Holder teaches you his holistic approach for better workouts, more effective nutrition, and a healthier mindset.

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