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Creating Experience With Art and Objects

Kelly Wearstler

Lesson time 7:56 min

Kelly encourages you to let your curiosity be your guide in collecting and displaying the objects that make you feel your best at home.

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Topics include: Let Curiosity Guide You · Showcase Your Collection · Gallery Hanging: New Spirit and Old Soul · Make a Statement With a Focal Point


[MUSIC PLAYING] KELLY WEARSTLER: We're going to talk about art and objects. What is art? Art can be so many things. I know a lot of people think art is just something that is a sculpture or something you can hang on the wall, but art can also be furniture. It can be a light fixture. It can be a chair, so many things. That is one of the things I so love about what I do, because I get to see and work with so many different incredible artisans and artists and bring magic into my interiors. [MUSIC PLAYING] If you're unsure about what you want to start collecting, look at what you actually have a lot of, because that might give you an idea of what you want to continue to collect. If you have a love of fashion, that's a great place to start, and jewelry, for example, or scarves, where I started, or jackets, or you like sequins, or you love shoes. How do you want to showcase that? Maybe you want to build a shelving unit in your bedroom and showcase all of your amazing shoes. Maybe you have a chair fetish. I do. Let your curiosity guide you. Go to a gallery. Go to a tapestry store, or go to a bookstore, and learn about something that you might not know anything about. Collecting in itself is an adventure, and it is a journey. [MUSIC PLAYING] There was a client in New York, and she collected earrings and rings. Those are the things that she absolutely loved, and she asked, how can I display these? So there was a niche in this entry vestibule of her home, and we put in a secret door, and you open the door, and it's all of these amazing bowls, and they're filled with her jewelry. And all the bowls were found and collected from different sources, and it's magic. And she can see everything. It's clear. There are no drawers, and she just said it makes her so happy. I began collecting teapots, and so I had amassed this collection, and I wanted to showcase it. And you actually can't see it in the dining room, but it's behind doors. But when I open them, it, like, just evokes this amazing emotion of sculpture and beauty and things that I can share with my guest. If I'm at home, and I want to have tea, and I go in my cabinet, and I get this teapot, and I sit alone, and whether I'm looking at a book or I'm on my computer, and I have this moment. And it reminds me of a time, and it reminds me of a place. A lot of these things that you collect are super personal, and you don't have to overthink it. An experience doesn't have to be a room. An experience can be an object. An experience can be something that happens unexpectedly. Like, for example, a client wanted a bar in their living room, and there just wasn't room. So I found a vintage bar that looks like a robot. And so when they entertain, the robot's little arms come down, and the bar is open. And it's just taking this unique piece and unique situation and making it magical. [MUSIC PLAYING] I was working on a project, a hotel project in San Francisco, and the interior a...

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Eclectic and experiential, Kelly Wearstler’s style helped redefine modern American design and influenced the rise of designer hotels. Now the award-winning designer takes you behind the scenes to demystify interior design. Make any space feel larger, and choose colors, materials, and textures with confidence. Curate collections of art and objects, cultivate your own distinct style, and create spaces that tell a story.

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