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Pattern: Movement and Scale

Kelly Wearstler

Lesson time 09:22 min

Pattern is one of Kelly’s favorite design vehicles. Learn how to work with pattern, how it adds energy to a room, and how to choose the right pattern for your home.

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Topics include: Experiment With Color and Scale: The District · Pattern · Change a Silhouette · Make Your Own Pattern · Look for Happy Accidents


[MUSIC PLAYING] - In this lesson, you will learn how to work with pattern and why pattern is one of my favorite design vehicles. Pattern crosses over so many mediums-- the veining of marble, the movement of many different types of wood. Even in tile, you're creating a geometric pattern. It adds so much energy to a room. And you can use it in so many different ways. So our new district pattern, which I'm really excited to share with you, is a large scale print. And one of the things that I wanted to show you guys is how a pattern can look so different in two different colorways. This one is more monochromatic. And this one has a little more contrast, but it still is a muted color. When you apply the pattern to different mediums, for example, this slubby linen takes the pattern very differently. So you can see there's a little resist in the color. And here it's a little more painterly. So it depends on how you use your pattern and what you print it on. When we work with color, we actually study many different colorways. And it's a very fun exercise that we do. And these are a lot of the different color studies that we did. We actually landed on about seven successful color ways that we felt that gave a lot of variety and that people would love to use. So you can see many, many different colorways and the dynamics. Like for example, this one that has black in it seems a little-- it's more contrast. It's a little harder where this one feels a little softer to the eye. When we're actually developing this, we look at many different scales. This is a study that we did. And it shows how a pattern can change instantly by the scale. I think this is the one we actually went with. This one is a little smaller. It actually turns almost when it gets smaller into a visual texture and if you stand back that it actually changes in its density. So when I use a pattern, it's very important that you stand back, pin it on the wall and look, and then take a step back and see because it feels very different looking at it up close as it does seeing it actually installed. This is one chair. And we apply the pattern in three different scales. And you can see what it does to the chair. So for example, this chair feels a little more refined and delicate. And this is less of a statement as opposed to this larger one that's more of a statement. It's a bigger story. And it's more of a-- the bigger personality in the room. And I think all of these are very successful. It just-- it's a personal preference. There are no wrong or right. It's what I felt this collection needed. But all of them I think work equally as well. These are some of the other colorways. So you can see-- let me just open all these up-- how beautiful and unique these color stories are and how different the pattern reacts with each of these color stories. And that's why it's important to really experiment. I'm all about experimentation, pushing yourself. I actually-- wor...

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