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Lighting: Enhancing Your Space

Kelly Wearstler

Lesson time 10:56 min

Lighting is everything. Kelly shares how to work with natural light, create a mood with dimmability, choose light bulbs, and add fun accents.

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Topics include: Bring in Natural Light · Enhance Your Space With Architectural Lighting · Find Creative Solutions to Limitations · Create a Mood With Dimmability · Lighting as Art · Choose the Best Light Bulb · No Detail Is Too Small


[MUSIC PLAYING] - In this lesson, I'm going to talk about the importance of lighting and how it can make everyone look amazing or not. It can change and alter architecture. It can make art look more important. It can raise the ceiling of a room. It can create theater of a room. Lighting can create a mood. There's so many different options that are available today. And I want to take away some of the mystery of what type of light bulbs are out there and LED versus incandescent. There are so many options with dimming systems. And I want to share what you can do at home. [MUSIC PLAYING] I love working with natural light. It's the most beautiful light. Like if you've gone outside at sunset, and everyone looks absolutely ravishing, and it's because it's that really warm, sexy light. And I encourage everyone to bring in as much natural light as they can. Because it not only makes us look good. It makes us feel good. These are two examples of what I have done architecturally to these spaces to increase the natural light. So for example, this is an entrance vestibule in a home. And there was a second story above. And what I wanted to do was create some shadowing and highlight this cornucopia that's in the space. And so looking at even if it's a sliver of an opening to let the sun in can create magic. Another space that I looked at was removing a large section of a second floor, putting in an enormous skylight, and putting in a tree. And it not only transforms the first floor. It also transforms the second floor. [MUSIC PLAYING] Architectural lighting is really anything that is attached to the architecture. So it could be a step light. It could be a sconce. It could be a pendant that hangs from over a dining table. And architectural lighting also is important because it provides way finding. So for example, if you go over to someone's home, and there is two sconces at the door, it helps provide way finding so you know where the front door is. So lighting also is very informative. In this project, this was a 18-foot corridor to the guest rooms. And we created this arched opening. And we wanted to highlight and accentuate this beautiful form. So we used LED lights that really made the architecture sing. To create successful lighting, it's important that your eye travels around so having light at something low, having something at a medium level, and also having something high. And it creates visual interest. And it also enhances the architecture. Here you have a pendant, and then you also have a pair of lamps. You're creating different levels. So you have the lamps. And you have the pendant and the architectural lighting. And there are also some downlights that light the floor. Because if you see, the floor also has a pattern. And we wanted to really highlight the details of the space. This is the reception and lobby. Looking at what the architectural features are, we have some large columns. We have some alcoves ...

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