Consider Your Target Audience

Kris Jenner

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The next step in your branding journey is figuring out the audience you want to attract. Kris gives insight into how to find your followers, and shares why connecting with them is key to your brand’s growth.

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Topics include: Create a Connection • Be a Brand Influencer • Track Your Followers


[MUSIC PLAYING] KRIS JENNER: When you're building your personal brand, you need to find your people. You know, your fan base who's going to be drawn to what you have to say and how you represent yourself. As you're developing your personal brand and your audience, we go back to why you're developing this brand, and what it is, and who's your target audience and why. And that's something that hopefully, there's been given a lot of thought to before you ever got started with your brand, so you know who you're talking to. Who your target audience is will really dictate how you communicate. If you're completely informational, then you need to have the best information in the entire universe. If you're an experience, then that just has to feel good and they want more. And then what are you going to deliver? Because you don't want to get into a relationship-- because that's what it is-- with the people that follow you and then not be able to deliver. So if you post something that they're really excited about and they don't hear from you for two months, that's not going to build a brand. But before you start talking to your audience, you have to find them. Basically, you'll find your audience by market research, plain and simple. That means things like going on social media accounts of brands like yours and seeing who the folks that are liking those accounts. What hashtags are those people using? Follow those accounts and hashtags for a while, and get to know the community of people that hang around brands like yours. You know, we all use hashtags for different reasons. And when we do a hashtag, for example, and we're launching a product, and it's business, we use, for example, #FENDIxSKIMS. That helps us. If somebody clicks on that, they can also see the other hashtags associated with that launch, the other things that were posted, follow along with the fans who are into that, and see how many times it's been reposted or looked at, or how effective that was. - Do we have to wash our feet? - No, you're good. - You can't outsmart a smarty pants. - I am pregnant. - Your sister's going to jail. Have a little compassion. Once you've found your audience, you need to work really hard on connecting with them and building up that engagement. For you, I want you to really pay attention to any responses you get on social media, or also any feedback you get from anywhere. This will let you know how to evolve your brand messaging to your audience as you develop your brand. When people first started watching this show, they were all attracted to various people according to their demographic or who they like the best, or they were interested in following what was happening in their life. And that sort of started the journey of the followers and the fans and the viewers. I didn't have really a box that I fit into, which was exciting for me, because people looked at me as either a contemporary or a mom, or a ...

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With an empire that spans clothing lines, a billion-dollar makeup company, and 14 successful shows, Kris Jenner has become more than the matriarch of one of the world’s most influential families. The Kardashian Jenner “momager” is also a mother of a new era of personal branding. Now she’s sharing her journey to stardom with you. Learn how she cut through the noise, built lasting fame, and turned a vision into reality.

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