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Kris Jenner

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Kris Jenner opens up about her branding journey, starting with her family’s reality show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” and discusses how to apply what she’s learned toward building your personal brand.

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Topics include: On the Power of Personal Branding


 [RECORD SCRATCHES] [CROWD CHEERING] [PENCIL DRAGS ACROSS PAPER] [KNIVES SHARPENING] [MUSIC PLAYING] - Okay, guys, here we go. Here we go. Woo! My personal brand started with my television show, "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." [WOMAN SCREAM] And from there, it branched out into many different businesses, social media platforms, and doing endorsement deals and personal appearances. And now I have 44 and 1/2 million followers on Instagram. So I became a branding expert over the years. I oversee a lot of brands. [MUSIC PLAYING] A personal brand is the way that one presents themselves to the world. It's how somebody perceives who you are and what you stand for, and what your story is. It's the way you market yourself. - It's so inspiring. - Thanks, Ash. My overall personal branding philosophy is to simply be your authentic self. Do something that you love to do, that you feel like you would enjoy and everything else will flow. [MUSIC PLAYING] When I was a little girl, I really aspired to be a mom. That was all I thought about, especially when I was in high school. I remember being 16 years old and thinking I cannot wait to have a big family and have Christmas Eve and everybody around the Christmas tree and the fireplace drinking hot chocolate and making all these memories and having babies. And be careful what you wish for, because it's exactly how my story turned out. "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" was a totally authentic experience-- - Mom, stop crying. KRIS JENNER: --that gave the viewer an inside look into a very close, big, complicated, kooky, crazy family. - So, six kids and two crazy parents. We're the modern day Brady Bunch with a kick. - People have asked me many times, you know, how it was all produced or how it was all put together. And you can't make this stuff up. Between the babies, the weddings, the divorces, everyone has had a front row seat to the good, the bad, and the ugly. The joy in getting up every day and knowing that we got to work with each other was the gift. And it wasn't really about building a brand until we realized that we had a hit show on our hands. - And the honor goes to "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." [CROWD CHEERING] KRIS JENNER: My kids call me the momager because I am truly the biggest cheerleader for my family and my kids. There's nothing more that I love than helping them create whatever it is that they want to do. In this class, I'll walk you through the most important steps of my personal branding journey. We'll be talking about creating the right personal brand narrative and how to target the right audience. We'll cover utilizing the power of social media and making a brand profitable and how to handle fame while staying grounded, graceful, and true to yourself. - Without a success-driven mentality, what are you being famous for? - At ...

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With an empire that spans clothing lines, a billion-dollar makeup company, and 14 successful shows, Kris Jenner has become more than the matriarch of one of the world’s most influential families. The Kardashian Jenner “momager” is also a mother of a new era of personal branding. Now she’s sharing her journey to stardom with you. Learn how she cut through the noise, built lasting fame, and turned a vision into reality.

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Kris Jenner

Self-made star Kris Jenner teaches you how she built the Kardashian Jenner empire. Stand out and stay on top, whether you’re selling or sharing.

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