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Case Study: MONSE Resort '22 Collection

Laura Kim & Fernando Garcia

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In this lesson, your instructors take you from inspiration to showcase by highlighting an item from their MONSE Resort '22 collection. Learn how they brought this look to the runway and overcame obstacles through a creative pivot.

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Topics include: Case Study: MONSE Resort ’22 Collection Turn Pain Points Into Successes


[MUSIC PLAYING] LAURA: This is our resort '22 to collection for Monse. [MUSIC PLAYING] And we started the collection talking about rope climbing. [MUSIC PLAYING] Usually, we start our next collection before we finish the previous ones. So like about a month before this collection finished, we started collecting images for mood and picking color palettes so we can send out yarns and fabric to be dipped in our colors. And by the time the previous collection gets finished, we will start passing knit sketches. That takes the longest time to develop, because you're basically weaving a product from scratch. Whereas cut-and-sewn garments, you are taking a fabric and cutting it into a shape. So you do the knitwork before wovens. And also, around that time, we have to order trims. Like for example, this coat has a rope detail, grommets, like all the hardwares we should order at that point. MAN: Once you put those colors and ideas as a starting point, you can experiment with shapes and new concepts a little bit further. But you're going to need the tools of fabric and knitwear yarns in order to see those come to life in new colors. So on the trim part, it does spur a couple of other ideas. It's a good sort of in-between phase for Monse, especially because we use classic tailoring usually. The twist that we offer in the deconstruction or in the trim is usually where it takes it to the innovative level. For instance, we were drawn to this artwork of a rope climber that our design director presented to us that spurred a print from it. But it also spurred us thinking of rope climbing. So in the middle phase of it, we started injecting rope climbing into the shorts, into the jackets, into the hoodies. And it made our tried and true pieces at Monse feel refreshed. The tailoring felt important to have a '70s reflective vibe to it, but then we also wanted to have those punches of color that the print was starting to reflect. The rope climbing world is very colorful, so marrying those two worlds is how we started this collection. And as we developed the fabrics and the knitwear and the shapes and the trims came along, everything started to filter down to what you're seeing here. By the time the fabric arrives, we then cut it in the real fabric. And it might not fall the way it wants to fall, and we have to make alterations so that that fabric that we are listening to does what it wants to do. And that filters down more ideas down to the core collection. And at that point, we sometimes bring a stylist. We know what will be successful to photograph or style. But when we are so deep into the collection at this point, we forget what feels fresh from it anymore. Because you're so drawn to the things that you love and the colors that you like, that it's nice to have another person's eye filter further your concepts or pair them together in a way that you had never thought of. After that, it's the casting, the d...

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As founders of fashion line MONSE and creative directors at Oscar de la Renta, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia have transcended their industry with a partnership that’s more than the sum of its parts. Now they’re teaching you their secrets to creative collaboration. Learn to cultivate strong business relationships, navigate the creative process, and join forces with others to improve the workplace—and the work.

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