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Maintaining a Happy 'Marriage'

Laura Kim & Fernando Garcia

Lesson time 08:20 min

Laura and Fernando tell stories about their enduring friendship and ongoing collaboration. They share secrets to a healthy professional 'marriage,' how to keep your partner in check, and the importance of creating a solid work-life balance.

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Topics include: Maintaining a Happy ‘Marriage’ Speak Up and Listen Build a Foundation of Respect Embrace Work/Life Balance


[MUSIC PLAYING] - I think Laura and I have worked long enough now that we truly don't have a separation between work and friendship. We try to make sure that we make decisions that doesn't sound swayed because we're friends at work. But it is the beauty of having somebody you trust so much, is not caring that the lines get blurred. I think anybody who has hesitation with that is because there is a little bit more unpacking to do before you start working with that friend. And if you're ready to do that, and want to unpack whatever is needed to be unpacked before you start working with them, I suggest you do it. Because it's not going to go away. And your friend is going to see a different you in the work environment. - There are definitely many times our marriage or friendship has been in jeopardy because of our work. For me, it's when because of our actions our team's not happy. If someone doesn't want to work for us anymore, that's kind of, like, a checkup point for us. Like, Fernando, this person is really upset and it's because of us. Like, whatever you did wrong, whatever I did wrong. And we argue. But we're both very, like, you know what? That's my fault. We should change that. - Yeah, I have to say, we allow each other to grow. And that means admitting a mistake. Saying you're sorry is very important. Understanding why you're sorry is even more important. - I do think we have a similar end goal, like, what we want to achieve in life, in our career and our friendship. So that does make it much easier. And like he said, unpacking is really necessary. And I feel like our friendship only gets better as we grow older, [MUSIC PLAYING] You have to be very honest with your business partner to have a good relationship. Understanding what each other is aiming for. And even if the goal's different, you could make it work. Because you do need a support, so it's about just being honest, having open conversation. And looking at the reality, not lying to yourself when someone's telling you that they don't want to do something. - It's mostly Laura who doesn't want to do it. - Yeah, it's actually me always, like, no, I'm not doing it. - No, but that's true. And I think you have to not lie to yourself. You know when your friend is, perhaps, dragging their feet, or or being hesitant. Sometimes they're shy and you have to just listen and respect body language and understand-- - And it's not what they want. - If that's not what they want, you have to listen. I wouldn't say that there's an art to delivering, you know, blunt truths to your business partner or your best friend. But there is a time and a place. And there will be a window whenever you have to make that point that you want to make in the middle of a really tense time. It'll come in a natural way. And when that person's ready, and receptive, and open, which is not the case for us every hour of the day. - We make each other ...

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As founders of fashion line MONSE and creative directors at Oscar de la Renta, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia have transcended their industry with a partnership that’s more than the sum of its parts. Now they’re teaching you their secrets to creative collaboration. Learn to cultivate strong business relationships, navigate the creative process, and join forces with others to improve the workplace—and the work.

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Laura Kim & Fernando Garcia

Fashion luminaries and Oscar de la Renta creative directors Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia teach you how to bring ideas to life through collaboration.

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