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Creativity and Craft

Lynnette and Ryan talk about what they’ve learned from each other and why they love collaboration. They encourage you to get creative, collaborate with friends at home, and concoct your own original drinks.

World-class bartenders Lynnette and Ryan (aka Mr Lyan) teach you how to make perfect cocktails at home for any mood or occasion.


[00:00:00.00] [UPBEAT MUSIC] [00:00:07.27] - This has been such a wonderful experience to get to have these more personal moments with you, doing what we do in a much simpler way. And having this first one-on-one access and sharing it with the student is also such a great part of this experience. So I'm really thrilled that we have had this time. And I cannot wait to take what I've learned and put it in practice. [00:00:31.84] - This is such an honor to be able to do this. I mean, it's a rarity where we get to kind cross over in these kind of things. It's such a pleasure to be able to present what we know and love. But actually, the crucial thing is being on to bounce off the other side and look at it from a different perspective. [00:00:46.49] So it's been amazing not only to just be able to hang out and be in new places but actually to be able to learn from your perspectives on things, how you look at flavors and ingredients, and actually how you structure your drinks approach as well, being able to think about different styles of drink and how you can then use that as a tool to carry into new sets of flavors. [00:01:05.11] And, obviously, it's a huge amount that I can take away personally. But I'm really excited to see the new raft of drinks that come from you as well. [00:01:11.72] - So, for me, being creative often starts with a theme. I really enjoy having kind of a brief given to me. So whether that's now working at the Llama Inn and the Llama Sun where I met Chef Erik, and he introduced me to what Peru is all about. And then I could take that and say, wow, OK, what about Peru inspires me? What do I know from my background that can relate to what's going on in this food and this cuisine? [00:01:38.86] And so I really love having spaces that have a really strong identity because it helps me look at what I'm doing from a creative process. So I find out everything I can about that culture, that space, the kind of spirits, the flavors. And then I take that and then I think about the style of drinks that I like to make, how do I amplify some of maybe the more subtle aromas? [00:01:58.69] How do I find ways to subtly weave those into a story that's going to be seen throughout the menu? And how that then relates to all the other elements that are going on-- the wine list, the beer list, and the food that's coming out, and how cocktails center in and focus around that. [00:02:15.85] Collaboration, for me, is key to creativity because you can bounce ideas off of somebody. And then I always look to food guides and things like "The Flavor Bible," and things that help me just kind of understand how to compare and contrast, and constantly remind myself that you can take certain roles and learn them, and then choose to break them at any time and then be really successful to make something that's new. So that's how my creative process works. [00:02:44.20] - It must have been really fun working with like a whole different set of ingredients with ...

About the Instructor

James Beard honoree Lynnette Marrero has been at the forefront of the NYC craft cocktail movement. Ryan Chetiyawardana (aka Mr Lyan) is the founder of Dandelyan, named the world’s best bar. They will teach you the essentials of cocktail making, from developing your palate to building your home bar. Learn how to mix a perfectly balanced drink for every occasion and mood—and become your friends’ new favorite bartender.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I have loved learning the idea of using "standard drinks" as a framework for your own versions.

This class is a really great comprehensive guide to cocktail culture, but to follow along at home, watch the videos before buying the bottles.

I like the explanation and recipes. I would like more explanation about the underlying ideas to make something yourself.

Many of the drinks take more ingredients and trouble than I'm used to, but these classes have encouraged me to experiment a little more than I'm used to, as well. I am particularly intrigued by the Beeswax Old Fashioned. May have to make that a project. It looks delightful!!


Jack A.

This was a great class, I really loved all the tricks of the trade, and all that goes into being a great bartender


I'm starting up in the food business and I always wanted to learn more about the drinks of hospitality. I never knew there could be this much passion and history to discover about different drinks and liqueurs. I learnt more in these lessons than I could have ever imagined. I loved every bit of it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to expand there taste buds and knowledge on how to make a darn good drink. its fun to think that I can both cook a good meal and now be able to provide a good cocktail to come along with it. the only negative part id say through this experience is the fact that I've spent I little too much money stocking up my drinks cabinet (to be fair I would have never been able to learn properly if I didn't experiment). besides that I absolutely loved every bit of it.


Growing up, 5pm wasn't just a time to have a drink; it was cocktail time! As my grandparents sipped their Manhattans and I enjoyed my Shirley Temple, we talked, laughed, and nibbled on cheese and crackers; it was magical. And, while I have always loved the act (ritual?) of mixing a favorite cocktail, this Masterclass has showed me how a few basic tools can really fine-tune that drink or a creative adjustment (i.e. swapping a sweet liquor for simple syrup) can take that cocktail to another level. I'm inspired and have already started my own little cocktail notebook. Thank you!

Alex G.

Great class, informative and fun! I'm ready to experiment and share cocktail recipes with friends and family.

Birgit S.

This Masterclass has been lovely. Before it, I had been experimenting with cocktail recipes without a full understanding of how each recipe fits into a full picture. Now I have a better understanding, a little more permission (as if I ever really asked for permission -ha!) for the exploration. There are rules and understandings that can guide a well-balanced cocktail! Of course! and I feel I understand this more, and can experiment with more knowledge now, in order to create at home all of the classics as well as infinite possibilities for what our friends may call our signature or house specialty.

Astra H.

Absolutely brilliant. I watched this whole course over two days, very full overview and some fabulous drinks that I want to try to make. I was really interested in the way they dived into a huge ranges of flavours and starter ideas that you can use to create your own drinks. Really impressed with the pace and the two personalities really complimented each other, the Lyan Mary looked delicious and I liked the way they created some drinks which would make for very easy entertaining. Don't think I will ever make the beeswax old fashioned, but would love to go and try it in his venue. I'm off to buy some more bitters and I know I am going to enjoy all the knowledge I gained on this course.

Ashok Mohan G.

Fantastic ! Thanks to Lynette and Ryan I have learnt that sky is the limit to one's creativity. Really enjoyable classes, very well presented by both ,thank you.

Justin R.

when i started this class, all i really wanted was the framework for making cocktails. i never really had the intention of getting into it. maybe the odd drink here or there. watching these instructors pour their creativity and passion into every drink they make, and having an absolute joy doing it too i might add, i really find myself wanting to get into mixology. kudos to these instructors and everyone behind the scenes for opening my eyes to creating cocktails. can't wait to get started!

A fellow student

There are brilliant bartenders out there to teach bar drinks, from the scratch....

Risa G.

I love this class! I really learned how to think about mixology, which I guess I always assumed was a foofy term for what was just making cocktails but i feel like what I got was an actual framework for building out my own creative, cocktail style. Lynette really teaches how to put your own spin on things; Ryan's style seems like the next level pf creativity post-mastering the basics. Also, apparently i've been beating the shit out of my mint. Who knew? Not me until i took this class.