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Raucous Drinks: The Lyan Mary

Ryan demonstrates his signature interpretation of a Bloody Mary. Learn which spices and flavors are ideal and why you shouldn’t overload the glass with garnishes.

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[00:00:00.00] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:00:23.99] - Sometimes, you want something that's a little bit more raucous, stuff that works when you've got a bigger gathering of friends, and those occasions where it spills out from something beyond the dinner table. And you still want drinks that are practical in those settings, things that you can put out and don't keep you locked away in the kitchen. But you also want stuff that really plays to the mood of those things. [00:00:43.91] Some things that let it get a little looser, things that feel very fun and uplifting for when you've got a big group of people, but you also want things that lie on that kind of lighter end of that scale. And one of my favorites for that is the Bloody Mary. And I've really kind of gone over this drink a lot because it's one of the ones that's kind of frustrated me for a while. [00:01:02.90] It's one of the drinks that have become super pretentious. You go out to a brunch and you end up with a Bloody Mary that's got a lobster and a cheeseburger sticking out the top, and it's not actually about anything to do with the balance of the drink. So I wanted to dissect the drink and delve into the DNA, and have something that felt a little bit more fitting of it is a vodka-based drink. [00:01:21.26] And to me, again, it's about that character of the spirit. It's not just about having a load of flavors that are layered together, kind of like a boozy soup. It's about having something that's layered, complex, still feels adult. So by being able to base it on the character of the vodka and build it up from there, I've really started to try and find something that feels a little bit more akin to how I enjoy my drinks. [00:01:42.82] There's still that clarity of flavor. There's still something that feels really quite special and magical about it. And this is the version that I'm really proud of. It's the Lyan Mary. It's something that has become a little bit of a signature towards this style of drink. And it removes all of that fluff and pomposity, and just kind of delves into what makes the drink great. [00:02:02.69] So we're taking it in two different parts. The first is to create a richer style tomato base, and then the other side is to play up to the character of the vodka. So we're going to reach back to one of my favorite savory items, which is some Fino sherry, that bone-dry, green olive note. It helps just clean the drink up. We don't want this to be an overly spicy drink. We don't want it to be heavy. We want there to still be that sprightliness to it. [00:02:30.05] So using the Fino allows us to give that accent, but it also provides us a little bit of a base to add in some of these other flavors. So we're going to start with our tomato base first. And one of my favorite things to lift some of the richness out from within this is by using a little bit of miso. It's something that we make in the bars and restaurants. We have played around with lots of different types over the ...

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James Beard honoree Lynnette Marrero has been at the forefront of the NYC craft cocktail movement. Ryan Chetiyawardana (aka Mr Lyan) is the founder of Dandelyan, named the world’s best bar. They will teach you the essentials of cocktail making, from developing your palate to building your home bar. Learn how to mix a perfectly balanced drink for every occasion and mood—and become your friends’ new favorite bartender.

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