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In his parting words of wisdom, Martin encourages you to find your own way and never lose sight of the creative spark that inspires you on each film.

Topics include: Closing


In his parting words of wisdom, Martin encourages you to find your own way and never lose sight of the creative spark that inspires you on each film.

Topics include: Closing

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Well, that's the end of my MasterClass. And I want to go back to where we began and say, once again, that you have to find your own way. I mean, there are no manuals, no shortcuts, no secrets. You write your own manual. You develop your own shortcuts. You find your own secrets. You go where you're drawn to go and you learn by doing the work. I mean, if you're scared, if it all seems too daunting, if the machinery of it all seems too big and scary and overwhelming, that's great. You wake up in the morning and you do it anyway. If it seems impossible, that's even better. You do it anyway. And as you go, like I said, remember that amidst all that machinery, you're the one who's going to make the picture. It's just you and the thing that sparked you to make the film. You and the spark-- in the end, they're one and the same. You guard that, because it's precious. Now it's time to get to work. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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Martin Scorsese drew his first storyboard when he was eight. Today he’s a legendary director whose films from Mean Streets to The Wolf of Wall Street have shaped movie history. In his first-ever online film class, the Oscar winner teaches his approach, from storytelling to editing to working with actors. He deconstructs films and breaks down his craft, changing how you make and watch movies.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Martin's Direct style of talking to the viewer is what I felt to be very informative.

I am very pleased with what I have learned. As a writer I took this class to learn about filmmaking to help me understand what a director does in his or her work to help me become better at my work. I know that I will become successful due to Martin Scorsese training. Thank you Masterclass.

I loved hearing Scorsese's tips, techniques and loves. Less a "how to" and more a cinephile's view of filmmaking. Scorsese is amazing.

Marty gave me a better sense of the way a director approaches every aspect of a film. As a screenwriter, I needed to understand the thought process a little more as well as tackle the fear of one day directing my own film. What an honor to sit in front of him (even if it's just on screen). Thank you.


Marco P.

Great end for this Masterclass, it was incredible to share with Scorsese all this time, it was a privilege. Thank you sir for all your knowledge, but above all for encourage me to find my way.

Maurizio P.

I hope To see other masterclasses of Martin Scorsese! Next time maybe see him in action doing even a minute of a video! Would be great! Great Class!

Matt H.

And if it looks impossible, that's even better!!! LOL ...I like that, spoke to my soul. And just for everybody to know, for God to know, nooooooo...Kristy Martin did not drop me, pfftt!! I dropped her. Con-artist, thief, liar and a whore...cost me some keys scenes in a major in theaters movie w David Bowie and super talent Vanessa Hudgens. The abuser, clipped my wings so I could never work again, work for, or make money for anyone else, and she takes all my residual checks, cause she knows I'm too poor and have no defense. Mental cry for JUSTICE. ...or maybe I just got completely hussled and they were plotting my suicide a long time ago. The agent who has talent comitt suicide, and she seems to be ok with that... crocadile tear$$$$$$... ...I get no respect. Where is the love? Where is God? "You coulda looked after me a little bit...I coulda had class... I learned this from Marlon Brando's autobio...when someone says "trust me" in the entertainment biz, what they are really saying is "f*ck you." And they say they are a "Christian" and "trust me" you'd never notice her/him stealing from you the whole entire time. She would drink 6-packs of tall boy beers and smoke weed everyday while making important decisions of my career, or made no decisions at all and I lost a really good scene in a movie that actually comes out in theaters...she didn't care, only the cheap commercial fast money. What a crook.

Matt H.

This is definitely the coolest class I have ever taken. It's beautiful, so beautiful. Scorsese does it again!

Matt H.

That was so beautiful, I thought there were more classes. I loved it, it's perfect, I love it so much. That was the essence of almost the origin of the whole point of everything. This made me very happy. Breathtaking ending. Thank you so much for this class, God bless you Mr. Scorsese!

A fellow student

Thank you,dear Martin Scorsese! I appreciate your experience and passion to filmmaking! I had a very fruitful time watching your lessons!!

Kimberly O.

Martin's intricate analysis brings a deeper appreciation for film. His deep insights help you to heighten your awareness of the film making process. Lot's of wonderful information.

Jo E.

Great lessons with information that I'll use in my project to make the best film I can for my target audience. I appreciate this course and will move forward...!

Janos V.

Martin's course offered a valuable insight into his thinking process and procedure for making his excellent movies. Thank you, Martin.

Danny W.

I did enjoy this masterclass, however, I did find it hard to watch and I did not find Martin's masterclass as engaging as others in the same category. It was a little monotone in presentation and took several sittings to complete. That aside, it was full of great and inspiring content and he is still my favourite filmamker of all time.