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Finding Your Way

Martin Scorsese

Lesson time 1:29 min

In his parting words of wisdom, Martin encourages you to find your own way and never lose sight of the creative spark that inspires you on each film.

Martin Scorsese
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Well, that's the end of my MasterClass. And I want to go back to where we began and say, once again, that you have to find your own way. I mean, there are no manuals, no shortcuts, no secrets. You write your own manual. You develop your own shortcuts. You find your own secrets. You go where you're drawn to go and you learn by doing the work. I mean, if you're scared, if it all seems too daunting, if the machinery of it all seems too big and scary and overwhelming, that's great. You wake up in the morning and you do it anyway. If it seems impossible, that's even better. You do it anyway. And as you go, like I said, remember that amidst all that machinery, you're the one who's going to make the picture. It's just you and the thing that sparked you to make the film. You and the spark-- in the end, they're one and the same. You guard that, because it's precious. Now it's time to get to work. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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Martin Scorsese drew his first storyboard when he was eight. Today he’s a legendary director whose films from Mean Streets to The Wolf of Wall Street have shaped movie history. In his first-ever online film class, the Oscar winner teaches his approach, from storytelling to editing to working with actors. He deconstructs films and breaks down his craft, changing how you make and watch movies.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I am so glad that i took this masterclass. I got really inspired and convinced that i can achive my dreams

Very excited to hear Martin Scorsese's take about the process of filmmaking and focusing on its various aspects. I enjoyed the class and took away some tips.

This masterclass has inspired me and taught me in so many ways and on so many levels. I have now written a script and am planning to turn it into a short movie. And the large part of making that script was from watching this Masterclass

It helped me build confidence to make my own film


Chris J.

Great advice at the end. I wish it was a bit more in depth, as well, though. It felt a bit too "overview"-y. There are countless manuals, books, videos and masterclasses (small "m") on the overview process of making films or creative arts. I'm glad to see some of these newer Masterclasses seem to pinpoint specifics, rather than overviews.

Eduardo F.

Well, I must say that it is not exactly what I expected. With all the due respect towards Mr Scorsese, I would have liked a deeper analysis of the technical aspects of his art: lens, light tools, camera tools, screenplay techniques, psychological technique to talk to actors, so and so forth. I know that it must be quite boring for him but this is honestly what I would have liked to hear from him. If I wanted some motivational video about finding my own way, or not to be afraid of this and that, or phisolophical and sociological aspects of cinema I would have looked somewhere else. All these motivational speeches and anecdotes are not useful in the end. They should provide tools, I think. This is the same problem I found in Leibovitz masterclass also. They go too philosophical and they keep on repeating "it is not about technique...". But technique is utmost important (and this should be a masterclass object) and you cannot teach motivation. You can teach techniques. Motivation is up to us.

Paul K.

"If it's impossible, great. Do it anyway." What an inspiring class. I'll watch each part during the making of my next film.

Samantha G.

Thank you, Martin! You are by far one of the greatest storytellers in modern history!


It's great to learn his vision and what inspires the shots, lighting, camera movements, and moments in his scenes.. Very interesting course, and It will only improve myself as an actor & filmmaker!

A fellow student

unreal! what a great way to finish the masterclass. This man is a legend and a true artist. Thank you MASTERCLASS for having such a talent and legend on this course! Thanks again

Dustin F.

Thank you for everything Mr. Scorcese. You are a Legend and I am inspired by your words.

Jelena B.

I am so glad he talked about spark often so overlooked but it is vital for creation.

R. S. H. Dreamrealist

The true need to tell your own story/stories and to never let that need and passion die while making the film. Great message and I am acting on it. Thank you!


Was not a really big fan of this masterclass, because I felt like he didn't really share his "Secrets" or "Deep Insights" on how to approach filmmaking. It was a very basic course compared to the other filmmaking courses. It's as if he would hold himself back every time the topic got interesting, and I am so disappointed that he didn't delve into Wolf of Wall Street and The Departed even more!