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New Faces: Photo Session

Naomi Campbell

Lesson time 12:15 min

Student models demonstrate their posing skills in a session with Naomi and photographer Joseph Degbadjo

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Topics include: New Faces: Photo Session * Santi: Connecting With the Camera * Naomi Christina: Knowing Your Angles * Sam: Finding the Simplest Approach * Omolola: Learning to Relax on Set


[MUSIC PLAYING] - Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. SANTI: I can do that. NAOMI: Shake and just take in-- yeah. Let it go. That's really it. (SINGING) Yeah, yeah. Come a little bit closer. Yeah. I'm too fly. I'm too fly. Bye bye. Bye bye. - So now, shall we see our models? - Yes. - OK. So I'm gonna stand next to you and see how they do. Who's up first? In each session with the models, I'm going to be focusing on the fundamentals we covered earlier in the class. I'm watching how they connect with Joseph and make adjustments based on direction we give them, finding their angles, maximizing their light, and staying relaxed. We're in a studio with a film crew and a lot of people. So this is a great practice on focusing and tuning out extra outside noise. JOSEPH: Hi, Santi. - Hi. How are you? - So Santi, what do you have underneath your jacket? - Nothing. NAOMI: OK. Just your tie? - Yeah. - Most importantly, do you feel comfortable in it? - I do feel comfortable in it, Yeah. NAOMI: OK. - OK. Ready? SANTI: Yes. NAOMI: No. Relax the arms. Yeah. Just easy. JOSEPH: Exactly. You have to connect with me, you know? - Great. That's the best thing, you're connecting with Joseph so far. JOSEPH: Yeah. We already see the difference. You know when you look straight like that? You have to fix a point in the space, like in the lens-- SANTI: OK. - --up front. You always-- - So that's like finding a point, like I was talking about. It can be anything that you look at. Just always find a point. - OK. - Irving Penn used to say to us "see something." So see something. SANTI: OK. Yeah. I was looking for the name brand on the camera and I was like, damn. - That's here. That's right here. SANTI: OK. - There you go. Because we can see when you focus on something and when you don't, believe it or not. - This one is great. - That's great, because I feel-- I can feel a connection. Do you feel a connection, Joseph? I see it. - Can you move a bit that side? - Yeah. - So find your light there. Profile? Just throw a leg out and be easy. - And don't forget to point. You know? - OK. NAOMI: Close your mouth. Profile? JOSEPH: All right. Look got me now. - All right. So he said, look at me. So I didn't know if I read that as look at me with your whole body or look at me with just your face and keeping your body in the same direction. - That's a great one. Look at me. That is great. - How did that feel? - Yeah. It felt really good. Some really good pointers. - Yeah? - Yeah, some things that make a lot of sense. Yeah. - All right. - Thank you. - Thank you. NAOMI: Hi, Naomi. Now, relax your body. JOSEPH: Breathe. OK. Let's go. NAOMI: Not behind y...

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Naomi Campbell stumbled into a modeling career, earning icon status both on and off the runway. On MasterClass, she shares the lessons she learned as a model to help you find your confidence and stride in everyday life.

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