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Posing: Telling a Story With Your Body

Naomi Campbell

Lesson time 13:37 min

Before Naomi knew how to pose for pictures, she used her dance training to tell a story with her body. In this lesson, Naomi teaches you how to look good in pictures and boost your confidence by overcoming your fear of posing.

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Topics include: Posing: Telling a Story With Your Body * The Fundamentals of Posing


NAOMI CAMPBELL (VOICEOVER): I find even to this day, 36 years later, I'm in front of the camera, and I'm suddenly holding my breath. Why am I holding my breath-- because I'm waiting for that click of the camera. [CAMERA SHUTTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] - The fundamentals of posing, for me, is to make it look natural and not make it look forced. And make it flow-- not looking stiff. So it's more like-- it's acting through body language but without words-- so silent movies. Think about silent movies. In the early part of my career, I had no idea how to pose. So what I did is I took my dance background and I kind of incorporated it into posing. It was my way of posing. [CAMERA SHUTTER] I did a lot of my pictures, you'll see, were splits in the air, jumps, and very energetic, very animated. And so, [CAMERA SHUTTER] --that's how I really tried to fake it as you make it, so to speak. If you don't have a dance background, absolutely doesn't matter. You know how to move. We can all get in front of a mirror and move. We all see classes on YouTube where we just move our limbs, and stretch, and have a little rhythm, and just-- even if it's just to look with one of your favorite tracks, just movement. Movement is important because it's just so don't look stiff. And that's why I feel like some type of movement or just listening to music is always good when you're getting ready because it helps you to just relax, and to unwind, and to move, and not to feel self-conscious. It's hard. I'm self-conscious every time I step in front of a camera-- believe it or not after all these years-- because I do not believe you can always count on your laurels and think, I've got this. Every situation is different. Every day is different. You don't know what's going to happen. And you have to be on your tiptoes expecting the unexpected. NAOMI CAMPBELL (VOICEOVER): Whether or not you want to be a model, posing is an art that you should master. I'm going to cover five major elements that helped me perform better in front of the camera. Connect with your photographer. Find your best angle. Understand your lighting source. Stay relaxed. And create a character. [MUSIC PLAYING] - So Joseph is here. And we're going to do some posing in front of the camera. And I'm going to try and walk you through that. First I'm going to shake so that I'm not stiff. - Okay, Naomi. You ready? - Is this full length, or-- - No. I'll so-- I'll do some more close up. Move your chin up a bit. - The photographer and the model, for me, is the most important because, yes, you've got everyone that contributes and collaborates-- the hair and makeup, stylists, even catering, the assistants-- everyone that makes the shoot happen. But when you look in the camera, it's you and the photographer that need to connect. He sees every single thing on your face-- every grimace, every part of you. And it's your eyes that he sees...

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Naomi Campbell stumbled into a modeling career, earning icon status both on and off the runway. On MasterClass, she shares the lessons she learned as a model to help you find your confidence and stride in everyday life.

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Naomi Campbell

Supermodel and cultural icon Naomi Campbell teaches you how to take on modeling—and life—with confidence.

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